‘Runway Model Going Viral’: How Social Media is Changing Fashion

By | March 8, 2024

In the fast-paced digital world, the traditional fashion runway is extending beyond the physical ramp and into the virtual sphere. A significant testament to this shift is when a “Runway Model Going Viral” on social media becomes the talk of the town, captivating millions of viewers worldwide. Marissa DuBois’s viral moment is a perfect example of this phenomenon and how it’s drastically changing the face of the fashion industry. In this feature, we at Weescape.vn will delve into this exciting dynamic, exploring how social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are transforming the world of fashion, from trends and styles to the very concept of modeling.

‘Runway Model Going Viral’: How Social Media is Changing Fashion

I. ‘Runway Model Going Viral’: How Social Media is Changing Fashion

1. Brief Overview of the Concept of a ‘Runway Model Going Viral’

In the digital age, the phrase ‘going viral’ has become a part of our everyday lexicon. But what does it mean when we talk about a ‘runway model going viral’? Essentially, it refers to a runway model garnering significant attention on social media platforms, often due to a specific event, performance, or feature that resonates with viewers. This often leads to a dramatic surge in online popularity, with views and shares reaching into the millions. From unique walks, distinctive styles, to powerful statements, there’s no one formula for what makes a runway model go viral.

2. Introduction to the Specific Case of Marissa DuBois

An exemplar of this phenomenon is Marissa DuBois, also known by her followers as Riss. DuBois, a model and content creator based in Miami, Florida, recently took the internet by storm after a video of her catwalk strut during Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week was posted on Twitter. The clip, showcasing DuBois confidently sashaying down the runway in a stunning green ensemble, quickly spread across social media platforms. Within a few hours, the video had amassed over 21.8 million views, effectively catapulting DuBois to viral stardom.

3. Mention of How this Phenomenon is Changing the Landscape of Fashion

This trend of runway models going viral is drastically reshaping the landscape of the fashion industry. The immediacy and widespread reach of social media platforms allow models to gain global recognition almost instantly, challenging traditional pathways to fashion fame that often rely on scouts and talent agencies. With viral trends setting the pace, it’s clear that the fashion industry is experiencing a paradigm shift in which digital platforms are increasingly integral to a model’s career trajectory and the industry’s evolving dynamics.

II. Runway model is now going viral after this video hits the internet


III. The traditional runway of the fashion industry

1. History and Importance of Runway Modeling in the Fashion Industry

The runway has always been a significant aspect of the fashion industry, dating back to its inception in the late 19th century. Charles Frederick Worth, widely considered the father of haute couture, was one of the first to use live models to showcase his designs, thereby setting the stage for the runway shows we know today.

Throughout the 20th century, runway modeling evolved alongside the fashion industry’s growth, with designers utilizing these platforms to present their newest collections to audiences composed of buyers, journalists, and increasingly, the general public. The role of the runway model became essential, as they were the ones bringing these designs to life, embodying the vision of the designers, and setting the tone for each collection.

2. Highlighting How the Runway Traditionally Impacted Trends and Styles

Traditionally, the runway has been the epicenter of trendsetting in the fashion world. Designers would debut their latest creations, and these fashion shows would establish the style trends for the upcoming season. Models were the bearers of these trends, their runway walks serving as the first public presentation of a designer’s new collection.

From Paris to Milan, New York to London, these fashion weeks were and continue to be the primary events dictating what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ in fashion. The clothes, the models, the themes of the runway shows – they all contribute to the trends that ultimately trickle down to retail stores and influence what consumers across the globe wear. As such, runway models traditionally played a pivotal role in shaping and disseminating fashion trends.

IV. The Rise of Social Media in Fashion

1. Explanation of How Social Media Platforms Have Grown in Popularity and Use in the Fashion Industry

In recent years, social media platforms have grown exponentially in popularity and have become significant tools in the fashion industry. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, there has been a seismic shift in how fashion is consumed and shared. These platforms allow for direct and instant communication with a global audience, making them ideal for promoting new collections, showcasing runway shows, and building brand identity.

Social media has also democratized fashion by breaking down the traditional barriers that limited access to runway shows and the latest collections. Now, anyone with an internet connection can view these spectacles in real-time, engage with brands, and share their own fashion-forward content. This interactivity has significantly increased the pace and spread of fashion trends, with viral posts often leading to new styles or revivals of past trends.

2. Case Studies of Brands or Models Who Have Used Social Media Effectively

Several brands and models have harnessed the power of social media to great effect. For instance, brands like Fashion Nova have used Instagram to build a significant online presence, partnering with influencers and celebrities to reach a broader audience. The brand’s #NovaBabe hashtag encourages customers to share their own photos wearing Fashion Nova clothing, creating a vast network of user-generated content that promotes the brand organically.

In terms of models, Kendall Jenner’s Instagram post of her heart-shaped hair became one of the most-liked photos on the platform in 2015. Jenner, along with fellow models like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, have used their substantial social media followings to secure high-profile modeling gigs, launch their own brands, and influence fashion trends globally.

V. The Case of the ‘Runway Model Going Viral’

1. Detailed Overview of Marissa DuBois’s Viral Moment

Marissa DuBois’s viral moment took place during Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week, where she strutted down the runway in a vibrant green Hot Miami Styles bikini ensemble. The defining moment was captured in a video clip that showcased DuBois’s captivating walk, her confidence, and unique style. This clip was shared on Twitter by Daily Loud, a popular news account, three months after the event took place. Despite its late posting, the video spread like wildfire across various social media platforms. Within less than 12 hours of being uploaded, it had amassed an astonishing 21.8 million views, catapulting DuBois into viral stardom.

2. Analysis of How and Why the Video Went Viral

The video of DuBois went viral for several reasons. First, it showcased her unique runway walk, a strut that exuded confidence and charisma, leaving viewers captivated. Additionally, the choice of her vibrant green ensemble was striking, standing out in the sea of content on social media. This potent combination of charisma and distinctive style resonated with viewers, leading to the video being shared extensively.

Moreover, the nature of social media algorithms also contributed to the video’s virality. Once the clip started gaining traction, it was likely recommended to other users, leading to a snowball effect of increasing views and shares.

3. Discussion of the Reaction from Fans, Other Fashion Figures, and Media

The reaction to DuBois’s viral moment was overwhelmingly positive. Fans praised her beauty and confidence, with one user even comparing her to a blend of Beyoncé and Shakira – high praise indeed in the entertainment world. This praise wasn’t limited to fans; fellow fashion figures and media also acknowledged DuBois’s stunning runway moment.

Media outlets covered the story, further spreading DuBois’s name and the video clip. The impact was such that even skeptics and critics were silenced by her response to doubts about her figure’s authenticity. Through it all, DuBois handled her sudden rise in fame with grace and humility, earning her not only recognition but also respect in the fashion world.

VI. The Impact of a ‘Runway Model Going Viral’

1. Discussion of How Marissa’s Viral Moment Affected Her Career

Marissa DuBois’s viral moment significantly propelled her career forward. The surge of attention and popularity she garnered from the viral video led to a dramatic increase in her following across various social media platforms, bolstering her status as an influential figure in the fashion industry.

The spotlight on Marissa has also led to increased interest from fashion brands and designers, resulting in more collaborations and modeling opportunities. Her digital footprint expanded, providing her with a larger platform to express her creativity, showcase her work, and connect with her growing fan base. This has helped establish her personal brand as not just a runway model, but a significant influencer and trendsetter in the industry.

2. Analysis of the Broader Impacts on the Fashion Industry

The case of Marissa DuBois going viral has broader implications for the fashion industry. It emphasizes the growing influence of social media on fashion and how it’s reshaping the industry’s traditional structures. Rather than fashion trends and star models being dictated solely by designers and fashion houses, social media platforms now give a voice to a broader audience, allowing individual moments like Marissa’s to significantly impact fashion trends.

Marissa’s viral moment is also a testament to the power of authenticity in today’s digital age. It underscores the appeal of models who bring their unique personality to their work, showing that the public appreciates diversity and individuality in the fashion world.

VII. The Future of Fashion and Social Media