Handyman Squatters California

By | March 8, 2024

A Nevada handyman has taken matters into his own hands in regards to suspected squatters in his mother’s California home after local officials said they could not help get them out.

Flash Shelton, CEO of the United Handyman Association based in Las Vegas, said in a YouTube video that trouble started after his father died and his mother could no longer live in the family home, which was then rented out.

A woman who identified herself as a prison guard contacted Shelton to rent the Northern California house, but could not come up with any money or credit.

Nevada man turns the tables on squatters - by ‘squatting’ himself
Nevada man turns the tables on squatters – by ‘squatting’ himself

Shelton refused the woman, but clearly she was undeterred.

“She finally had a moving van and physically moved in,” he said. “I started hearing from Realtors…. saying there was this woman and people living in the house, the furniture was all in there.”

He continued: “Then I started getting reports from the neighbors,” who saw lights on at night and a car driving into the house.

Local police and the sheriff’s department said they could not help. “‘I’m sorry, we can’t go in and it looks like they’re living there. You need to go through the courts,’” he was told – a process that can drag on.

Shelton then had an idea on how to beat them at their own game.

“All I needed to do at that time was do the same thing they did and take possession of the house,” he said. “If they can take a house, I can take a house.”

He wrote a “lease agreement” with his mother, making him a legal tenant of the property.

He loaded up his Jeep with a “just in case” gun and began the 12-hour drive.

He arrived around 4 a.m., waited for the squatters to leave for the day, then walked in when they were out.

When the squatters and the woman’s granddaughter returned, he confronted them, telling them they needed to get out with all their belongings as soon as possible.

Nevada man turns the tables on squatters — by ‘squatting’ himself
Nevada man turns the tables on squatters — by ‘squatting’ himself

The polite conversation ended with the squatters vowing to leave the next day.

“I think just me being there was enough,” he said, chuckling.

“I’m actually glad I did it. I’m not going to lie about that. I’m happy it was successful.”

In a subsequent video, the handyman warned others not to approach him.