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When Louella Fletcher-Michie, the 25-year-old daughter of actor John Michie, tragically died of an overdose at a music festival, public intrigue turned to shock and outrage as disturbing details emerged. Leaked video footage documented Louella’s boyfriend Ceon Broughton Video Reddit standing idly by filming her final conscious hours rather than getting help from the nearby medical tent – a decision that would prove fatal. Years later, just after Broughton’s rare overturned manslaughter conviction, new viral Reddit videos showing the defendant brandishing guns around drugs sparked fiery debates. “Ceon Broughton Video Reddit” searches flooded the web as people questioned if justice was really served. Had the court ruled rightly given the damning evidence? Now walking free save for a minor drug offense, many feel Broughton yet evades true accountability for the demise Louella’s father is forced to relive via the daughter’s haunting on-screen cries for his help. Following !

Ceon Broughton Video Reddit
Ceon Broughton Video Reddit

I. Who is Ceon Broughton?

Ceon Broughton first made headlines when he was revealed as the boyfriend of Louella Fletcher-Michie, the 25-year-old daughter of famous British actor John Michie. Broughton, a rapper and member of the skateboard gang Laigon Life, had been dating Fletcher-Michie for a year when they decided to attend the Bestival music festival together in September 2017. What began as a weekend of fun soon turned to tragedy.

Before Broughton met Fletcher-Michie, he already had a controversial past. As an up-and-coming London rapper, Broughton was known for his edgy lyrics and freestyle battle raps. He travelled in circles of gangs and drugs, documenting his escapades on social media. Broughton had several previous drug convictions and had recently been handed a suspended sentence for carrying a knife. This background set the stage for the deadly events that occurred at Bestival.

At Bestival, Broughton provided Fletcher-Michie with the hallucinogenic drug 2C-P. Under the influence, she began having an extreme reaction, but instead of seeking medical help at the nearby hospital tent, Broughton chillingly filmed her overdose for nearly an hour as her condition worsened. Even as Fletcher-Michie cried out for her parents and began harming herself, Broughton continued to record graphic videos focused tightly on her deterioration. By the time her body was discovered by security the next morning, it was too late. Broughton’s failure to act cost Fletcher-Michie her life on what would have been her 25th birthday.

II. What happened with Ceon Broughton and the video?

The 50-minute video Broughton recorded shows Fletcher-Michie screaming, hallucinating, trying to eat thorns, and repeatedly slapping herself as she overdoses on thegrounds of Bestival. The footage documents Louella’s mental and physical anguish while Broughton makes half-hearted attempts to restrain her from hurting herself, all while choosing not to call for medical assistance from the nearby tent.

“This is the best trip I’ve ever f***ing had,” Fletcher-Michie yells at points, not realizing death is imminent. The video ends abruptly after she shouted “This is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m seeing colourful taxis” and collapsed lifeless in the forest.

Despite the damning video evidence, Broughton denied manslaughter, only pleading guilty to supplying the fatal dose of 2C-P. Nonetheless, in 2019 he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to over 8 years in prison.

The conviction seemed like justice, but two years later Broughton successfully appealed the verdict, arguing experts could not prove Louella would have survived if she received earlier medical care. All judges agreed Broughton still held “a duty of care” to his girlfriend which he egregiously failed. However, with the manslaughter conviction overturned, Broughton remains jailed solely for previously admitting to the intent to supply drugs.

Just months after his manslaughter conviction was overturned, Broughton has stirred up fresh controversy in a newly leaked video. Published online by the skate gang Laigon Life, the clips depict a relaxed Broughton hanging out with friends, apparently still deep in the world of rap music and drugs that proved so deadly before.

Several alarming images stand out – Broughton handling a handgun while lines of unidentified white powder and liquor bottles cover the table. The provocative footage seems perfectly tailored to offend sensibilities and cast further doubt on Broughton’s character.

The content shows blatant violation of Broughton’s parole terms. Authorities are now investigating to determine if further charges can be brought against the disgraced defendant for his continued antisocial behaviors.

III. Why Did the Ceon Broughton Video Story Become Trending?

Being the child of a celebrity undoubtedly contributed major public intrigue to Louella Fletcher-Michie’s death. As a long-time actor on the UK soap Coronation Street before starring in the hit show Holby City, John Michie’s fame brought immense media coverage to his daughter’s overdose.

The tragedy of vibrant, talented Louella dying amid her dad’s glittering success captivated British audiences. Before long, public outrage grew as shocking details emerged of Ceon Broughton’s despicable conduct filmed on video.

Morbid fascination with Broughton’s unfeeling actions while documenting Louella’s painful, premature death fueled the viral interest. The callous way he ignored her despairing cries for help as she descended into the horrors of a nightmarish trip triggered anger and disbelief.

Seeing the boyfriend coldly browse his phone and zoom in on Louella’s suffering, rather than carry her to aid, bitterly cemented perception of his stonehearted selfishness. Though the video remains banned from public release, verbal descriptions conveyed sufficient ghastly imagery of Louella’s final hours to stoke viral outrage.

Viral outrage turned to confusion and renewed fury when Broughton’s rare successful manslaughter appeal let him dodge appropriate punishment for Louella’s death.

Despite proof he filmed her dying rather than easily saving her life nearby, legal technicalities nullified Broughton’s accountability. Public opinion cried injustice, protesting the seemingly clear culpability demonstrated in the damning video.

Just as flaring tempers began cooling, the newly leaked footage reset public anger. Displaying such brash disregard for consequences, Broughton affirmed perceptions he lacked empathy and integrity. Flaunting guns and drugs showed disrespect for lost Louella, defiantly continuing the harmful lifestyle associated with her demise.

IV. Where to Watch the Ceon Broughton Reddit Videos

Unlike leaked snippets published in news, no public platform currently hosts the full 50 minutes of Louella overdosing in her final conscious hours. Legal arguments continue over rights to the sensitive content, which police obtained directly from Broughton’s device during their investigation.

Broughton himself does not have publicly accessible social media, but clips from the incendiary new video showing him waving a gun near narcotics exist on Instagram pages belonging to his rap collective. Mostly documenting Laigon Life’s underground skating culture, their accounts suddenly gained interest for sharing inside looks at Broughton’s activities.

Mainstream TV and media websites regularly display screenshots and descriptions from both of Broughton’s videos central to Louella’s death. Practicing ethical reporting standards, reputable publishers embed selected captioned images giving a glimpse into the controversial evidence. Excerpts supporting the surrounding story appear merged into broadcast and articles examining developments in the ongoing case.

Despite tighter restrictions in recent years, YouTube still harbors channels broadcasting unvetted content of questionable integrity. defects in algorithms theoretically allow graphic imagery to slip through filters and elude automatic detection. While footage has not emerged yet, the viral buzz surrounding Broughton’s videos present motive and reward for rogue YouTubers distributing unauthorized uploads to hungry spectators against creators’ consent.

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