Baby Eating viral video

By | March 8, 2024

Discover the captivating world of Baby Eating viral videos on tiktok! Witness the adorable and heartwarming moments as babies indulge in their culinary adventures. From tasting their first bites to exploring a variety of flavors, these viral videos capture the joy and curiosity of little ones exploring the world of food. Whether it’s messy eaters, picky eaters, or babies trying exotic cuisines, these videos will surely warm your heart and leave you wanting more. Don’t miss out on the delightful Baby Eating viral videos exclusively on!

Baby Eating viral video
Baby Eating viral video

I. What is Baby Eating viral?

A viral video has captured the attention of viewers as it showcases a delightful scene of a baby girl enjoying a meal of fufu with the prowess of a ravenous adult. The video, which was shared on TikTok by @teeandtonyy, exhibits the young girl being served a sizable portion of the delectable dish, accompanied by a flavorful soup brimming with meat and fish.

In a display that contrasts with some children’s preference for solely consuming baby food, this little girl gleefully indulges in the fufu, devouring one mouthful after another under the guidance of an adult. Her relentless swallowing continues without pause until she briefly pauses to quench her thirst with a sip of water. Her parents, who proudly commented on her food preferences, mentioned that she has a penchant for consuming more than just baby food. Following her meal, the girl is said to have enjoyed a lengthy slumber.

Netizens who have come across the video have been astounded by the girl’s ability to effortlessly consume the fufu alongside the delectable soup. The captivating footage has captured the hearts of many online viewers.

What is Baby Eating viral?
What is Baby Eating viral?

II. Baby Eating viral video

The initial posting of the video was done by popular blogger Jordan Scheren, who happens to be the mother of the twin boys showcased in the footage. Subsequently, the video was shared again by the well-known page Pubity, leading to its viral spread and amassing over 12.1 million views and 375.8k likes.

In this heartwarming video, the twin babies were left alone in a room with a tempting display of candy in front of them. Their father explicitly instructed them to wait for his return, along with their mother, before indulging in the sweet treats. However, as soon as the parents exited the room, the mischievous duo exchanged knowing smiles and couldn’t resist diving into the candy anyway! Their adorable defiance in consuming the forbidden sweets brought joy to the faces of those who watched the video. The caption accompanying the footage aptly read, “This video of these babies communicating without words is everything.”

The sight of these delightful kids surreptitiously enjoying the candy in the absence of their parents was undeniably hilarious and garnered an enthusiastic response from thousands of viewers. One user commented, “The most adorable thing you’ll see today,” while another exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I can’t stop laughing! This made my day!

III. Can children eat fast food?

According to experts, it is believed that young children like Lilah should not be introduced to fast food. Dr. Carol Cooper, a medical professional and health author, advises parents to avoid giving fast food to their children for as long as possible. In an interview with The Sun in 2020, she stated that although it may be challenging, raising a child without fast food is definitely achievable.

Dr. Cooper further explained that fast food is generally not the ideal choice for babies and young children due to its high salt content. She also mentioned that relying on regular Happy Meals or similar options can limit the opportunity for children to explore and enjoy healthier dishes. Encouraging children to try different, nutritious meals can be a beneficial alternative to repeatedly consuming fast food.

Can children eat fast food?
Can children eat fast food?

IV. Comment on Baby Eating viral video

However, the majority of parents who commented on Young’s video expressed support for her choice and even provided recommendations for future visits. Em&Ivy mentioned that their toddler loves the veggie dippers from the restaurant, and Tonilouise_Ox added that fresh chips without salt can be requested when ordering kids’ meals.

Chazzab2 shared their own experience of taking their 7-month-old to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet, stating that the child thoroughly enjoyed it. Some TikTok users suggested that Lilah might not have enjoyed the meal because she is more accustomed to her mother’s delicious homemade food, which is often showcased in Young’s popular TikTok videos. These videos, featuring dishes like chicken fajitas, curry, pasta, and steak, are shared with the hashtag #babyledweaning.

Newsweek has reached out to Young for comment on the matter.

According to the Canadian website About Kids Health, introducing babies to a variety of new foods with different textures is crucial between the ages of 6 months and 1 year. The website explains that during this period, babies become better at eating new foods, trying new textures, and self-feeding. Teaching babies about chewing and transitioning from one texture to another is important for their development.

Lilah joins the ranks of many adorable babies who have gained popularity on TikTok. Recently, a young boy went viral for his video of dancing to his father’s piano playing, garnering millions of views. Another video that captivated social media audiences featured a baby peacefully napping alongside an equally adorable puppy.