72 years old man Viral Video – Jorhat Viral Video 2023

In 2023, the village of Jorhat in Assam was shaken by a disturbing incident – the “72 years old man Viral Video“. A video of the elderly man engaged in a physical relationship with a college girl named Darshana Bharali had gone viral on a porn site, leading to his tragic suicide. In this article, we will explore the details of the “Jorhat viral video 2023” and the impact it had on the people involved. Following weescape.vn !

72 years old man Viral Video - Jorhat Viral Video 2023

I. The “72 years old man Viral Video” : A Tragic Tale of Deception and Betrayal

The incident that shook the village of Jorhat in Assam in 2023 was a tragic tale of deception and betrayal. At the center of the incident was a 72-year-old man, whose life was turned upside down by a college girl named Darshana Bharali.

1. The Elderly Man and the College Girl, Darshana Bharali

The elderly man was a simple, unmarried man who lived in Dhekeliya village in Jorhat district. According to reports, he was trapped by Darshana Bharali, a top college student from the same village. Darshana, who reportedly used to call him “barta”, a term used for elder brother of father in Assamese, had developed a relationship with him, which was secretly recorded.

2. The Emergence of the “darshana bharali viral video”

The video of the elderly man engaging in a physical relationship with Darshana was later uploaded on a porn site, leading to its widespread circulation in the area. The emergence of the “darshana bharali viral video” caused a massive uproar in the village, with the man’s family and neighbors being humiliated by its circulation.

3. The Tragic End of the Elderly Man’s Life

Unable to bear the humiliation and shame brought on by the video, the elderly man decided to take his own life. Before he died by suicide, he confided in some of his neighbors about how he had been trapped by Darshana, and how she had recorded their physical encounter without his knowledge or consent.

The tragic end of the elderly man’s life highlights the devastating consequences of online pornography and the need for stricter laws and regulations to combat its spread. It also raises questions about the role of consent in relationships and the importance of respecting the privacy of others.

The incident has left a lasting impact on the village and its people, as they continue to grapple with the aftermath of the “72 years old man Viral Video” and its consequences.

II. The Aftermath: Outrage and Investigations

In Jorhat in 2023, the “72 Years Old Man Viral Video” event sparked widespread indignation and prompted ongoing police inquiries. Protests and arrests followed the incident as the neighborhood demanded justice for the old man and his family.

The incident left a lasting impression on the community of Dhekeliya and its surroundings. The man’s family experienced great shame and humiliation as a result of the video’s popularity since they were unable to face their neighbors and friends. Women’s organizations and other activists held protests and marches in response to the tragedy, demanding justice for the man and stronger legislation to stop online pornography.

Following significant outcry in the town, authorities detained Darshana Bharali, the college student who shot the video. In addition to other violations, she was accused of violating the Information Technology Act and aiding suicide. The neighborhood, which had been calling for justice for the elderly man and his family, celebrated her arrest as a success.

The authorities are still looking into the incident in an effort to find more information and locate any other people connected to the distribution of the video. The investigation has been complicated by the difficulty in establishing the sources and distribution of online pornography as well as its multifaceted character. The public has been asked to come forward with any information they may have regarding the incident or its perpetrators after the police issued their plea.

The fallout from the Jorhat “72 years old man Viral Video” event in 2023 emphasizes the urgent need for tighter rules and regulations to combat online pornography and safeguard vulnerable people. It also emphasizes the value of group effort and cooperation in pursuing justice for those hurt in such instances.

III. The Dark World of Online Pornography and Its Consequences
A. The Menace of Pornographic Content
B. The Role of Social Media in the Spread of Such Content
C. The Need for Stricter Laws and Regulations

The “72 years old man Viral Video” incident in Jorhat in 2023 highlights the destructive power of online pornography and the urgent need for measures to combat its spread. The tragic death of the elderly man and the subsequent investigations and arrests have left a lasting impact on the village and its people. The incident is a reminder of the importance of responsible use of social media and the need for greater awareness and education on the issue. As we mourn the loss of an innocent life, we must work towards creating a safer and more responsible online environment.


Q: What was the “72 years old man Viral Video” incident in Jorhat in 2023?

A: It was a video of a 72-year-old man engaging in a physical relationship with a college girl named Darshana Bharali, which went viral on a porn site and led to the man’s tragic suicide.

Q: Who was responsible for the video?

A: Darshana Bharali, the college girl who had recorded the video secretly, was responsible for its upload on the porn site.

Q: What were the consequences of the incident?

A: The incident caused outrage in the village, leading to the arrest of Darshana Bharali and ongoing police investigations.

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