Who is Medusa on Masked Singer ?

Who is Medusa on Masked Singer?” is a common question that arises when discussing the impressive costumes on The Masked Singer season 9. Not only are theme nights and “king and queens” making their return, but the show has promised some real star power too. And no one displays these epic new costumes better than the Medusa. (Not to be confused with the Medusa Masked Singer in Spain, who was revealed to be The Spice Girls’ Mel B!). Now Follow weescape.vn !

Who is Medusa Masked Singer ?

Who is Medusa on Masked Singer ?

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first set of disguises worn by contestants in Season 9 of The Masked Singer, including Gnome, Mustang, and Medusa Masked Singer. Medusa, a solo performer, sports an outfit decorated with teal scales, purple-gold jewelry, and a silver chain mask, completed with the characteristic teal snakes. Joining the fray are the trio of Polar Bear, Night Owl, and Rock Lobster, all of whom will compete on stage for the coveted golden mask trophy.

Show Clues

  • Episode 1 of Medusa Masked Singer sees the performer delivering a monologue about her unique background as a dancer, always feeling like she was born to stand out, and her journey to this point of competing on the show. Medusa, who had been on the program before, believes that The Masked Singer is the perfect platform for her due to its quirks and oddities.
  • The episode also features a clue package for Medusa Masked Singer that takes viewers on a CGI-heavy journey to exotic locations, including Greek ruins and space. Additionally, one of the Men in Black characters has a chest tattoo featuring the words “True Love,” while a picture of Buckingham Palace is shown as well.
  • On stage, the swag bag for Medusa Masked Singer includes a DVD labeled “Medusa: Snakes on the Astral Plane” and a sign boasting “$340 million sold!”

Who is Medusa on The Masked Singer US? Costume clues

  • The Medusa costume on The Masked Singer Season 9 is a stunning scaly bodysuit adorned with purple and gold accents and colorful jewels. The over-the-knee boots and skirt complete the look, giving off a goddess-like vibe that pays homage to Medusa’s Greek mythology origins. However, instead of snakes on the head, this Medusa has many snake hats, leaving fans to wonder if the person behind the mask is a multi-talented actor-singer or a sports star who can also sing. Could they be an EGOT winner?
  • Although Medusa may not be the tallest contestant on the show, as seen in a photo alongside Week 1 competitors Gnome and Mustang, the costume definitely makes a statement and demands attention.

Who is Medusa on The Masked Singer US?

The Guesses

  • In the first episode of Medusa Masked Singer, the panelists took their turns guessing the identity of the performer behind the mask. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thought it might be Ellie Goulding, while Ken Jeong initially guessed Bjork but then switched to Meghan Markle. Nicole Scherzinger, on the other hand, listed several other British singers before ultimately landing on Lorde. None of these guesses seem to be on the mark.
  • Despite the panelists’ attempts, it’s still challenging to identify who is behind the Medusa Masked Singer after her first appearance. Viewers will have to wait until the next episode of Medusa Masked Singer, where hopefully, better clues will emerge to help unravel the mystery.

Summary Who is Medusa on Masked Singer ?

  • The clues presented for the Medusa Masked Singer suggest that she grew up “far out of the spotlight,” yet she claims to have performed at the Super Bowl. In the visual clues, a knighted chess piece and a photo of Buckingham Palace were shown. Medusa also mentioned that she has been technically on the show before.
  • As for the “SWAG BAG” clue, it features a DVD case with the text “$340 million sold” written across it, which adds another layer of mystery to the Medusa Masked Singer’s identity.

When does The Masked Singer season 9 begin?

  • The premiere of The Masked Singer’s ninth season is set for February 15, 2023.
  • Viewers who are eager to catch the show can tune in to Fox at 8 pm on Wednesdays or stream the episodes on Hulu.
  • The judging panel will consist of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, while Nick Cannon will be the show’s host.

So, who is Medusa on ‘The Masked Singer’? The answer is…

  • Medusa hasn’t been revealed on the show quite yet! We’ll be sure to update as soon as they are, though!

Video Medusa The Masked Singer?

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