Who firebombed Friendlyjordies ?

Friendlyjordies is a popular Australian YouTube personality, comedian, and political commentator. He is known for his satirical and humorous videos on a range of topics, including Australian politics, social issues, and popular culture. Friendlyjordies’ real name is Jordan Shanks, and he is based in Sydney, Australia. He has gained a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms for his unique style and commentary, and has been recognized as a prominent voice in the Australian online community. Follow with weescape.vn !

Who firebombed Friendlyjordies ?

Jordan Shanks-Markovina, who goes by the name of Friendlyjordies, is a comedian and a well-liked YouTuber. However, his probing investigative videos, which expose uncomfortable realities about politicians and influential corporations, appear to be causing quite a stir. The coordinated assaults on comedian Friendlyjordies are far from amusing. So Who firebombed Friendlyjordies ?

Who firebombed Friendlyjordies ?

The controversial YouTube personality, Friendlyjordies, has alleged that his house was firebombed for the second time in a week, but he has stated that there are too many potential suspects to identify a specific culprit. Who firebombed Friendlyjordies?

firebombed Friendlyjordies

  • At 12:30am on Wednesday, emergency services were called to the extensive property located on Wilga Street in Bondi, which is situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, after the residence caught fire.
  • Although the online personality, whose actual name is Jordan Shanks-Markovina, resides at the back of the property, he was not present at the time of the conflagration. Later on Wednesday, upon returning home to assess the destruction, he stated that he had a lengthy list of people who may have been enraged by his political commentary and videos.
  • While investigators scoured the rubble and ashes for clues nearby, he stated at the scene, “Obviously, we don’t know who did it.”

What happens to Friendlyjordies ?

After his home was set on fire, controversial YouTube personality, Friendlyjordies, has finally spoken out.

  • His house was firebombed and he claimed there are many potential culprits, while also criticizing the police’s handling of the situation
  • The Bondi home was set alight early on Wednesday, and emergency services were called to the scene.

Cause firebombed friendlyjordies ?

Cause :

The conflict began with a defamation lawsuit launched by former New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro against Shanks-Markovina. Friendlyjordies had produced a series of videos satirizing Barilaro and raising allegations of corruption, which led the Deputy Premier to file a lawsuit for defamation against both Friendlyjordies and YouTube. This situation eventually escalated to the shocking incident of firebombing Friendlyjordies’ home.

Producer arrested :

In the wake of the defamation lawsuit, Kristo Langker, a 21-year-old producer for Friendlyjordies, was arrested at his family’s home by the Fixated Persons Unit, a special division of the police created to combat acts of terrorism. Despite having had only brief interactions with Barilaro, Langker was charged with “stalking” and “intimidation” and detained for six hours. This situation ultimately led to the shocking incident of firebombing Friendlyjordies’ home.

Surveillance and investigation :

According to Shanks-Markovina, the Fixated Persons Unit was used as a tool for state politicians who were only known for their use of pork-barrel politics. As a result, both Shanks-Markovina and Langker were investigated and monitored by the Fixated Persons Unit for six months. The conflict culminated in the shocking incident of firebombing Friendlyjordies’ home. Eventually, the strange situation with Barilaro led to Langker having all charges against him dropped by the police. Friendlyjordies settled the defamation case with Barilaro out of court, by paying legal fees, issuing an apology for any harm caused, and editing the videos that had caused offense. In the lawsuit filed by Google/YouTube, the court ruled in favor of Barilaro and awarded him $715,000 in damages.

Video Who firebombed Friendlyjordies ?

Xavier Diaz

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