What does Don Clurman do for a living?

Discover the intriguing professional world of What does Don Clurman do for a living?, a prominent figure in Laguna Beach and current trustee at the Laguna Beach Community Foundation, as weescape.vn delves into his fascinating career. With a remarkable 40-year residency in Laguna Beach, Don Clurman has become an integral part of the community. Our exploration centers around his visionary project, the Diamond/Crestview residence, initiated in 2001. Uncover the meticulous details of his hands-on approach and five-year quest across Europe for materials, culminating in an award-winning masterpiece. Join us in unraveling the layers of Don Clurman’s professional journey and the transformative impact he has made on Laguna Beach.

What does Don Clurman do for a living?
What does Don Clurman do for a living?

I. Don Clurman, longtime Laguna Beach resident and current trustee for the Laguna Beach Community Foundation

Don Clurman, a longtime Laguna Beach resident and trustee for the Laguna Beach Community Foundation, has been an important part of this community. With a history in Laguna Beach spanning 40 years, Don is not only a resident but also an active leader contributing to community activities and projects.

The most fascinating route in Don Clurman’s journey was the construction of his Diamond/Crestview home, a project begun in 2001 with an exceptional vision. This house is not only his residence but also a unique work of architectural art, combining luxury and sophistication.

What’s special is that Don Clurman actively participated in the construction process, even traveling to Europe himself for five years in search of materials and creative ideas. These efforts are not only a personal commitment but also a source of encouragement for the surrounding community.

The Diamond/Crestview House is not only a residence but also a symbol of dedicated investment in the architectural art and development of Laguna Beach. Don Clurman, through this project, has created a space that is not only beautiful but also demonstrates his creativity and special vision in building a unique and independent residence in the heart of the coastal city. Laguna.

Don Clurman, longtime Laguna Beach resident and current trustee for the Laguna Beach Community Foundation
Don Clurman, longtime Laguna Beach resident and current trustee for the Laguna Beach Community Foundation

II. What does Don Clurman do for a living?

Don Clurman, a 40-year resident of Laguna Beach and a current trustee of the Laguna Beach Community Foundation, embarked on the construction of his Diamond/Crestview residence in 2001 with a distinct vision. His goal was to recreate the ambiance of a 16th-century villa that could rival the best resorts he had experienced in Italy and France during his extensive travels. Don actively participated in the project, personally traveling back and forth to Europe for five years to source materials.

The result is a half-acre terraced yard seamlessly integrated into the home’s design, brought to life under the expert guidance of landscape designer and horticulturist Ruben Flores, the owner of Visionscape. Completed in 2006, the project earned the prestigious title of Best in Show in the California Landscape Contractors Association Trophy Awards in the previous year.

The meticulously designed landscape boasts Italian stone pines providing privacy, a formal rose garden, a grove of 22 hand-selected citrus trees, olive and Italian cypress trees scattered throughout, and breathtaking ocean views. The outdoor space features three outdoor fireplaces, one dating back to 11th century Italy, an enclosed partial kitchen, an all-tile saltwater pool, a loggia with a seating area, and a stone table dining area surrounded by mint and thyme plants.

Ruben Flores describes the garden as an attempt to capture the romantic allure of an Italian garden with an Amalfi Coast design style. The layout strategically incorporates intimate spaces, showcasing the strong textures and stone elements characteristic of Italian gardens. The garden’s design plays with color dynamics, with red flowers visible from the upper level and white flowers from the lower level.

The maintenance of this exquisite outdoor oasis is no small feat, requiring an average of 40 man-hours per week during fall and winter, and even more during spring and summer. Ruben emphasizes the continuous effort needed to ensure the garden remains perfect every day, reflecting the tireless dedication of Don Clurman to his stunning Laguna Beach residence.

What does Don Clurman do for a living?
What does Don Clurman do for a living?

III. Amalfi Coast Design Style

Exploring Ruben Flores’ Approach to Garden Design Inspired by the Amalfi Coast

Ruben Flores brings a distinctive touch to garden design, drawing inspiration from the enchanting and romantic allure of Italian gardens, particularly the renowned Amalfi Coast style. His approach is a testament to his ability to blend sophistication with natural beauty, creating outdoor spaces that exude charm and elegance.

In the spirit of Amalfi Coast aesthetics, Ruben’s design philosophy embraces the textures and colors that define this iconic Italian region. The emphasis lies in creating visually striking spaces that resonate with an air of sophistication and creativity.

Discussing the Creation of Impressive Spaces and Artful Color Play:

The hallmark of Ruben Flores’ Amalfi Coast-inspired designs is the deliberate crafting of impressive and intimate spaces within the garden. Each corner is meticulously planned to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the surroundings.

The play with colors is a dynamic aspect of Ruben’s approach. Instead of relying solely on vibrant blooms, the emphasis is on a thoughtful composition of colors that harmonize with the natural elements. The garden becomes a canvas where hues interplay, offering a visual feast that evolves with the changing seasons.

Ruben’s creative genius is evident in his ability to infuse the Amalfi Coast spirit into every facet of the garden. From the choice of plants to the arrangement of elements, each detail reflects a careful consideration of Italian design principles, resulting in a garden that not only captivates the eye but also transports individuals to the picturesque landscapes of the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Design Style
Amalfi Coast Design Style
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