Pedro Ruiz Death Video Original on Reddit

The lure of YouTube fame can be intoxicatingly dangerous. Nowhere is this clearer than in the tragic case of Pedro Ruiz III and his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, whose reckless stunt to test whether a Desert Eagle bullet could penetrate a book went horribly wrong when it ended Ruiz’s life. In June 2017, what was intended to be Ruiz’s breakthrough viral video instead became a real-life horror captured forever on camera. When chilling footage from the incident leaked online and spread rapidly across social media sites like Reddit, it kicked off a rabid firestorm of public outrage, intense scrutiny on all involved, and urgent debates around internet culture and accountability. The disturbing Pedro Ruiz death video provides a sobering warning about the twisted extremes fame-seekers will embrace for the sake of YouTube notoriety, no matter the risk to life and limb. Following !

Pedro Ruiz Death Video
Pedro Ruiz Death Video

I. Pedro Ruiz Death Video Original on Reddit

In June 2017, a tragic incident resulting from a YouTube stunt-gone-wrong briefly made headlines before the full story went viral on Reddit. A now-removed post on the r/WatchPeopleDie subreddit first brought the disturbing death video of Pedro Ruiz III to mass attention. This initial disturbing Reddit thread sparked shock, debate and scrutiny over the reckless stunt.

On June 28th, 2017, just two days after 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III was fatally shot by his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, video of the incident was uploaded anonymously to Reddit. The post on the infamous subreddit, known for graphic content, displayed footage showing Perez reluctantly shooting Ruiz as he held an encyclopedia to his chest.

The video immediately prompted immense backlash. Stunned Redditors condemned the needlessly dangerous stunt as well as the poster sharing such graphic content. Shortly thereafter, the post was removed by moderators.

Nonetheless, word had already spread about the alarming incident. Discussions emerged dissecting what drove Ruiz to attempt such a reckless stunt and why Perez agreed despite her reservations. The complete YouTube death video remained unavailable to the public, but the chilling Reddit post had planted the seeds of interest in the mysterious filming.

Mainstream media outlets caught wind of the viral Reddit post. As journalists investigated the origins of the video that leaked on Reddit, the full tragic story was uncovered. With more details emerging, people beyond the Reddit community learned of Ruiz’s aspirations for YouTube fame that fatally backfired.

The viral nature of the original Reddit post fueled rapid real-world implications. Perez was swiftly arrested on manslaughter charges for her role in Ruiz’s death as national scrutiny surrounded the case.

In subsequent legal proceedings, the prosecutor advocated against public release of the complete death video, not wanting to “compound the tragedy through the indiscreet actions of others on the internet.” But the brief leaked Reddit footage had already exposed the couple’s story to innumerable viewers, making viral spread impossible to undo.

The sad case highlighted how the internet’s instant amplification of content can drive dangerous real-world decisions. Ruiz’s push for YouTube notoriety led him to risk his life for a shocking stunt. Once footage leaked through Reddit, the digital footprint persisted. Perez and their children must live with permanent reminders of that fateful viral video that robbed them of a father and partner.

For better or worse, our digital platforms grant rapid influence to all types of content, from lighthearted fun to depraved risk-taking. As we share and consume online media, we all bear collective responsibility for how these tools shape our offline realities.

II. Pedro Ruiz III and the Plan for a Dangerous YouTube Stunt Video

Pedro Ruiz III had big dreams of becoming a viral YouTube star. In June 2017, the 22-year-old came up with an idea for a dangerous stunt that he was convinced would attract a massive audience and launch his channel “Damitboy” to fame. However, his reckless video idea would end in tragedy when it resulted in his untimely death.

1. Ruiz’s Idea for a “Damitboy” YouTube Channel

Pedro Ruiz III was an aspiring YouTuber looking to make a name for himself on the popular video platform. He wanted to create a channel called “Damitboy” where he would perform dangerous and outrageous stunts on camera.

Ruiz likely got the inspiration for his channel from other viral YouTube stars who gain attention and subscribers from their shocking and risky videos. Channels like MrBeast, Logan Paul, and David Dobrik often feature dramatic stunts and challenges in their content. Ruiz probably hoped he could also quickly amass an audience by putting his life on the line.

According to his girlfriend Monalisa Perez, Ruiz had begged her for over a month to help him get his YouTube channel up and running. He was eager to come up with an extremely risky inaugural stunt that would generate buzz and views. Tragically, his lack of concern for safety would prove fatal.

2. The Reckless Stunt Involving a Desert Eagle Gun and Encyclopedia

After much thought, Ruiz devised a reckless idea for the first video on his “Damitboy” channel. He wanted to test whether a bullet from a powerful .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun could penetrate a hardcover encyclopedia book if he held it against his chest.

The Desert Eagle is one of the most powerful pistols in the world, used primarily for hunting and sport shooting. The customized revolver Ruiz obtained could rapidly fire the huge .50 AE ammunition with forceful stopping power.

Ruiz believed that the thick encyclopedia would be enough to block the bullet from a Desert Eagle gun fired at close range. He convinced himself that the stunt would be safe if the shooter aimed precisely at the book. However, expert firearms specialists would later confirm that Ruiz’s stunt was highly life-threatening given the gun’s destructive capabilities.

For the video, Ruiz planned to have his girlfriend Monalisa Perez stand just one foot away while firing the loaded Desert Eagle at the encyclopedia held to his chest. He intended to capture footage of the incident on two cameras he had set up nearby. Ruiz remained stubbornly confident that the book would protect him, showing a shocking disregard for the power of the deadly weapon.

3. Perez’s Reluctance to Participate in the Dangerous Video Idea

While Pedro Ruiz III was recklessly gung-ho about this idea for his first YouTube video, his pregnant girlfriend Monalisa Perez wanted no part in the planned stunt.

19-year-old Perez immediately expressed hesitation and concern when Ruiz suggested she be the one to fire at the book he held. She resisted participating for over a month, worrying it could end with her fatally shooting her partner and the father of her unborn child.

However, Ruiz persisted in begging Perez to agree to the stunt, assured that he would be shielded from harm. On the day of the shooting, Perez again got cold feet and repeatedly voiced her objections.

In text messages and in footage showing the setup for the stunt, Perez makes it evident she is uneasy about purposefully firing a gun at Ruiz. “Babe, if I kill you what’s going to happen to my life,” she fretted.

But Ruiz continued coaxing and reassuring her until she reluctantly gave in. Tragically, her initial instinct was right, and going through with the reckless stunt would forever change her life for the worse.

Perez’s hungry boyfriend insisted that the dangerous stunt was necessary to launch his YouTube career. But participating in such a needlessly life-threatening idea against her better judgment would prove to have devastating consequences for them both.

III. Events Leading Up to the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Filming

In the hours and days before the fatal filming of the YouTube stunt video that claimed Pedro Ruiz III’s life, there were several warning signs that pointed to the reckless nature of the idea. Social media posts from Ruiz and his girlfriend Monalisa Perez hinted at the dangerous video concept in development. Statements made by the couple just prior to the deadly shooting also provide insight into their conflicted mindsets. Throughout the lead-up to the incident, Ruiz remained insistent on carrying out the ill-advised stunt despite Perez’s hesitations.

1. Social Media Posts Hinting at the Dangerous Pedro Ruiz III Video

In the week of the filmed shooting on June 26, 2017, both Pedro Ruiz III and Monalisa Perez took to social media to promote the eye-catching video Ruiz planned for his YouTube channel “Damitboy.”

On June 21st, Ruiz tweeted out “I have an idea” and urged people to stay tuned, likely hinting at the dramatic stunt video to come. He also posted about soon revealing “one of the most dangerous videos ever.”

Just hours before the stunt, Perez posted her own ominous tweet saying “Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever HIS idea not MINE.” Her words suggested she was uneasy about her boyfriend’s idea, yet still intended to go through with it.

These vague but foreboding posts generated anticipation among the couple’s followers. Tragically, Ruiz prioritized internet fame over safety, pursuing social media buzz over listening to Perez’s misgivings. The reckless stunt would inevitably cost him his life.

2. Statements Made by Ruiz and Perez Before the Death Video Stunt

On the day of June 26th as they prepared to film the stunt, both Ruiz and Perez made concerning statements captured on video.

A determined Ruiz outlined his stunt idea to the camera, explaining he would attempt to block a Desert Eagle bullet behind an encyclopedia held to his chest. Shockingly, he acknowledged the high risk, saying “I may die” and “This is the craziest stuff ever done on YouTube.”

Perez made her fears clear as well, heard pleading to Ruiz: “I can’t do it babe, I’m so scared…Babe, if I kill you what’s going to happen to my life?”

Ruiz dismissed her concerns, declaring “As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine.” Heartbreakingly, Perez ultimately could not bring herself to walk away from the situation, instead giving in to Ruiz’s reckless urging.

3. Ruiz Insisting Perez Film the Death Video Despite Her Hesitations

Pedro Ruiz III spent weeks trying to persuade his girlfriend Monalisa Perez to participate in the filming of his dangerous stunt video. Even on the day of the shooting, Perez continued voicing that she did not feel comfortable going through with it.

Yet Ruiz remained adamant, telling her not to “be scared” and insisting over and over that the encyclopedia would stop the bullet. His attitude showed a blatant disregard for any peril to himself or the pregnant mother of his child.

Perez openly questioned the stunt saying, “I can’t do it babe, I’m so scared. My heart is beating out of my chest.” She desperately told him “I don’t want to be responsible.”

But Ruiz argued, “As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine” and repeatedly urged her to “just do it.”

Tragically, Perez’s reluctance was well-founded, as she had recognized the stunt could have fatal consequences. But Ruiz’s reckless confidence in his video idea led him to foolishly risk his life in pursuit of YouTube fame. His insistence on filming the stunt cost him everything.

IV. The Fatal Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Shooting

The day of June 26, 2017 started out as an exciting milestone for Pedro Ruiz III, who was finally going to film the daring stunt video he had been planning for his YouTube channel. But the risky production would go horribly wrong, ending with Ruiz’s untimely death after his girlfriend Monalisa Perez reluctantly fired a gun at his chest at his insistence.

1. Scene Set-Up and Events in the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Footage

According to court documents, the scene captured in the death video showed Ruiz and Perez outdoors at night in front of a parked car in Halstad, Minnesota. Two cameras were positioned to record the stunt – one on a ladder and another on the back of the car.

The footage showed Ruiz holding a hardcover encyclopedia to his chest while Perez pointed a gold Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun at him from about a foot away. Ruiz had marked on the book where Perez should aim.

Before the stunt, Ruiz spoke confidently to the camera about his YouTube channel “Damitboy” and his video idea to see if a bullet could penetrate the book. Perez voiced her hesitation about shooting, but eventually gave in to Ruiz’s coaxing.

2. Dialogue Between Ruiz and Perez in the Death Video

The death video captured disturbing dialogue between Ruiz and Perez right before the fatal shooting.

Perez can be heard saying she cannot go through with it, telling Ruiz “I can’t do it babe, I’m so scared” and “my heart is beating out of my chest.”

But Ruiz responds callously, “As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine” and encouraging her to “just do it.” When Perez asks what will happen to her if she kills him, he insists “You won’t go to jail.”

Chillingly, Ruiz’s final words caught on video were urging Perez to pull the trigger, saying “Let’s go, c’mon.” Perez then complied, causing his abrupt death.

3. Perez Shooting Ruiz During Filming of the Death Video

Despite her overwhelming fear and hesitation, Perez ultimately gave in to her boyfriend’s reckless demands to shoot the book he clutched to his chest.

Tragically, the .50 caliber Desert Eagle bullet pierced right through the encyclopedia and struck Ruiz’s vital organs. The high-powered round designed for big game hunting was no match for the flimsy book.

Immediately after firing, a distraught Perez dropped the gun and shrieked in horror when she realized she had delivered a fatal shot. But it was too late to save Ruiz, who had died almost instantaneously from the firearm injury.

4. Immediate Aftermath of the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Shooting

In the chaotic moments after Perez shot Ruiz while filming the stunt video, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter witnessed her mortally wounded father collapse to the ground.

Perez panicked, pleading for Ruiz to respond. When he remained unmoving, she called 911 in hysterics begging for help but it was far too late.

First responders arrived to a horrific scene. Despite emergency services’ efforts to revive Ruiz, he was pronounced dead at the location – the reckless stunt video ending his life at just 22 years old.

Perez had to be treated for a minor injury from injudiciously firing the powerful handgun. But no aid could heal the mental anguish she now faced from causing the unintended death of her partner as a result of his foolish and fatal misjudgment.

The unfortunate filming of Pedro Ruiz III’s death video provides a somber warning about prioritizing internet fame over personal safety. His willingness to risk death for YouTube stardom ultimately left his family mourning a tragic loss.

V. Legal Consequences of the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video

The filming of the reckless stunt video that claimed Pedro Ruiz III’s life also had devastating legal repercussions for his girlfriend Monalisa Perez. Though Ruiz had pushed her to participate, Perez faced charges for firing the gun that killed him. And despite not sharing the full footage publicly, the death video forever changed the young mother’s life.

1. Charges Against Perez Related to the Ruiz Death Video Shooting

Under Minnesota law, Monalisa Perez committed manslaughter in the second degree when she fired the gun at Pedro Ruiz III’s request. Even though she did not intend to kill Ruiz, she was responsible for his death while committing the unlawful act of intentionally shooting in his direction.

Just a day after the failed stunt, Perez was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. The charge came with a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment, a fine of $20,000, or both.

Perez was released on bail under the condition she did not possess firearms and had restricted social media use. She pleaded guilty to the charge in December 2017.

2. Decision to Withhold Full Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Footage

While portions of the Pedro Ruiz III death video were released publicly, the Norman County Attorney’s Office made the decision to withhold the full footage from public viewing.

The County Attorney determined the entire video was “clearly offensive to common sensibilities” and denied requests to release the complete recording. Only transcripts from the unreleased portions are available as part of the court documents.

Authorities likely wished to prevent the disturbing footage from being exploited or inspiring dangerous copycat stunts. Out of respect for Ruiz’s loved ones, the full video will remain sealed and not distributed.

3. How the Death Video Forever Changed Perez’s Life

The consequences of the death video shooting extended far beyond legal penalties for Monalisa Perez. Not only was she sentenced to 6 months in jail, but her life was irrevocably altered by being responsible for her partner’s death and their children left without a father.

At just 19 years old, Perez had to raise their 3-year-old daughter and newborn son alone while carrying the burden of unintentionally causing Ruiz’s untimely demise.

Ruiz’s reckless stunt put Perez in an impossible position that fatefully ended his life and damaged hers. She faces a future full of pain and regret from agreeing to film the horrific death video.

The filming of Pedro Ruiz III’s death video highlights the potential real-world devastation of pursuing internet fame through dangerous means. While Perez faces legal and emotional consequences, the children suffer most from losing their father due to his shocking disregard for personal safety on camera.

VI. Public Reaction to the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video Footage

The reckless stunt filmed for YouTube that led to Pedro Ruiz III’s untimely death elicited intense public response. People reacted with shock, outrage and concern that the video could inspire similarly dangerous copycats. The incident highlighted the troubling trend of internet fame seekers engaging in potentially fatal challenges.

1. Public Response to the Reckless Stunt Resulting in Fatal Shooting

When the Pedro Ruiz III death video gained mainstream attention, it was met with widespread condemnation of the needlessly risky stunt. Many could not believe Ruiz convinced his pregnant girlfriend to shoot him while he held an encyclopedia against his chest.

General public opinion viewed the stunt as utterly senseless and irresponsible. People were appalled that Ruiz would endanger his life and orphan his children for the sake of YouTube fame. Some called for regulations of extreme challenges posted to social media.

Media experts weighed in on the case as well. Psychologists discussed the lure of internet celebrity driving people to make reckless decisions. Law scholars debated whether charges were warranted when a participant voluntarily engaged in a dangerous stunt. Gun control advocates cited the incident to argue for restrictions on public access to high-caliber firearms like the Desert Eagle used in the video.

Overall, society reacted to Ruiz’s death video with disapproval of placing entertainment and online attention above human life. Most saw the stunt as an entirely avoidable tragedy.

2. Concerns Over Copycats of the Pedro Ruiz III Death Video

A major concern stemming from the release of footage from Pedro Ruiz III’s death video was the possibility of inspiring imitators. Prior dangerous viral challenges had already resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.

Expert opinions warned of the risk that others seeking internet fame would try to replicate or outdo the shooting stunt. Criminologists pointed out that publicizing details of the video creates temptation for those willing to jeopardize themselves for social media notoriety.

To prevent copycats, authorities deliberately withheld full public release of the death video. Limiting accessibility aimed to discourage duplication of the reckless act. Journalists also refrained from detailed descriptions of the stunt that could plant ideas in susceptible minds.

Unfortunately, when content goes viral online, it often spurs both responsible dialogue and hazardous behavior from impressionable people vying for attention and validation through social platforms. The Pedro Ruiz III death video spotlighted the alarming real-world impacts such content can have on participants and society.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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