Mercedes lasac viral Video Scandal

An insidious liquid innocuously packaged in a blank white bottle has set the Philippine internet ablaze and placed vlogger Mercedes Lasac at the center of a raging online storm. Lasac’s explosive tell-all video regaling her harrowing reaction after unwittingly using the mystery shampoo has metastasized across social channels, amassing over 3 million breathless views thus far. With emotions running high and speculation rife around what has been dubbed the “Kamangyan Shampoo Scandal”, Lasac’s unexpectedly viral testimonial has stoked the fires of intrigue to devastating new heights. Love her or hate her, Lasac’s teary-eyed video confession now threatens to eclipse even the original scandal that started it all. Indeed, the internet waits with bated breath to see what new twists and turns will emerge in the ongoing saga that has become known simply as: “The Mercedes Lasac Viral Video“. Following !

Mercedes lasac viral Video
Mercedes lasac viral Video

I. Who is the viral video star Mercedes Lasac?

Mercedes Lasac has rapidly emerged as one of the most talked-about vloggers in the Philippines after her emotional video addressing the controversial Kamangyan shampoo scandal went massively viral across multiple social media platforms.

Lasac hails from Davao City in the Philippines and began creating content on YouTube over 5 years ago. Her very first videos featured simple dancing tutorials filmed using her phone. However, she soon progressed to more polished and professional-looking vlogs covering her lifestyle, opinions, experiences and more.

With her warm and bubbly personality shining through in her videos, Lasac quickly garnered a sizable following online. She formed a strong connection with her viewers who related to her outgoing attitude and girl-next-door charm. Today, her main YouTube channel boasts over 800k subscribers.

Fans especially love her down-to-earth vlog entries about everything from food reviews, shopping hauls, travel diaries to even the occasional mukbang. She comes across as highly genuine and transparent – traits that have endeared her to the masses.

While none of her videos had gone exceptionally viral before, Lasac was no stranger to creating buzzworthy content. Some of her most popular videos with over 300-400k views included her Q&As, a video about weird food combinations she enjoys, and a vlog where she brought viewers along on a trip to Korea.

II. What happened in Mercedes Lasac’s latest viral video?

However, all her previous successes paled in comparison to the instant virality achieved by her Vlog #24 video titled “My Kamangyan Experience”. Uploaded just over a week ago, it has already amassed more than 3 million views – making it her most viewed video by far.

The video came right on the heels of a controversial incident involving fellow YouTuber Kamangyan who was accused of faking injury after using a mystery shampoo. Lasac’s video tapped into the hype around this trending scandal.

She starts off by referencing the raging debate within the online community over Kamangyan and his perplexing shampoo video. Many suspicions had been raised about its authenticity.

Lasac then drops a bombshell revelation – she discloses that it was her friend who had in fact supplied Kamangyan with the shampoo. Not only that, but she too had suffered major hair fallout and rashes after trying the same shampoo sample.

Through tears, she goes on describe her horrific reaction over the next few days which even resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Images of her raw, inflamed scalp are also shared.

She pleads with famous dermatologists to analyze the bizarre shampoo. The intent behind the video seems to be lending credence to Kamangyan’s claims by demonstrating she experienced similar consequences.

By offering a first-person account of the harm induced by the mysterious shampoo, Lasac injects a heavy dose of emotion into the ongoing saga. The 12-minute video plays out like a suspense thriller – drawing viewers in through her very visceral and dramatic reactions.

Close-up shots showing painful rashes erupting across her swollen face and arms make for grim viewing. At one point, she even calls her friend during the video to lambast them for triggering such a frightening situation. Her despair and confusion feel uncomfortably real.

III. Why did Mercedes Lasac’s video go viral?

There are several factors at play that enabled Lasac’s video to instantly explode across social media channels far and wide:

The video came right in the midst of peak hype over Kamangyan’s allegations. With public interest and eyeballs already fixed on this developing drama, her video managed to divert some of the attention towards her own harrowing tale. The timing proved perfect to capitalize on scandal hungry netizens.

Having already built up an engaged community of over 800,000 subscribers gave Lasac’s video a launching pad to reach a wide viewership rapidly from the get-go. As her fans tuned in and reacted with shock, the video started getting amplified on various platforms through shares and reactions.

Lasac manages to connect to the audience on an intimate, emotional level through her exaggerated reactions and high-energy delivery. Her crying, shaking, screaming and even retching into a bucket generate a visceral response. Even as bizarre events unfold, she successfully hooks viewers through her volatility.

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