Kodiak bear incident 1999 Video

It’s a scene straight out of a horror movie – a massive Kodiak bear charges into a small home, sending a man scrambling to protect his frightened family. But this was no fictional thriller; it was the unbelievable true story of the infamous Kodiak bear incident 1999 Video. The chilling footage, which still circulates online to this day, shows the night one family’s Alaskan dream home turned into a nightmare when a wild Kodiak invaded their living room. Forced to confront the roaring beast just steps away from his loved ones, the desperate homeowner took a heroic stand that would become legendary in the remote island community. This real-life battle between man and monster marks one of the most extraordinary and hair-raising Kodiak bear incidents ever captured on video. Following weescape.vn !

Kodiak bear incident 1999 Video
Kodiak bear incident 1999 Video

I. A Massive Kodiak Bear’s Middle-of-the-Night Home Invasion

In September 1999, a nearly 1000-pound Kodiak bear violently broke into a family’s home in the remote Alaskan community of Bells Flats, setting off a terrifying middle-of-the-night encounter. This hair-raising event, captured in a video that continues to circulate online, provides a sobering look at the ever-present danger of living alongside Alaska’s mighty bears.

Kodiak Island, located off the southwestern coast of Alaska, is famous for its giant brown bears. Bells Flats is a small settlement on the island consisting of roughly two dozen homes surrounded by wilderness prime bear habitat. For lifelong Kodiak resident Aaron Olsen and other tough locals accustomed to taking bear precautions, these intelligent and powerful predators are a familiar fact of daily life.

That false sense of security was shattered one stormy night when a massive bear targeted the Olsen family’s home for a surprise break-in. Roused from sleep by his barking dog, a startled Olsen grabbed his handgun and confronted the hulking intruder. The near-1000-pound Kodiak refused to retreat, forcing Olsen to make a remarkable stand to defend his terrified wife and sleeping children.

As the situation rapidly escalated, Olsen turned to his close-knit community for backup, including seasoned bear hunter and retired Coast Guardsman Kris Heilman. The incredible true story of how Olsen and Heilman ultimately prevailed against the rampaging beast highlights both the ever-present risks and resilient spirit of those choosing to make their homes in wild Kodiak bear country.

II. The 1999 Kodiak Bear Break-In

The incident occurred during a stormy September night in 1999 in the remote community of Bells Flats on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Aaron Olsen, a lifelong Kodiak resident accustomed to living alongside bears, had fallen asleep early without locking up his home as diligently as usual. Around 11 pm, he was startled awake by the distinctive bellowing of his dog Harley. Having heard that bear bark before, Olsen immediately knew there was a bear on his property and likely on the front porch.

Not wanting to startle a bear just outside his door, Olsen quietly grabbed his Taurus Judge revolver loaded with .45 Colt rounds that he kept bedside for protection. With the gun in hand, he carefully went to investigate while his concerned wife Maribel and several of their children slept in nearby rooms. Peering out into the wet darkness, Olsen couldn’t spot anything amiss through the stormy weather. But then his worst fear was confirmed when Maribel urgently warned “there’s a bear” – a massive Kodiak bear standing right at their bedroom door!

Olsen had to act fast with his family’s safety on the line. Taking aim around a corner to avoid hitting his young children asleep in the adjacent room, he fired off a shot into the bear’s shoulder. Though injuring it, the relatively small caliber bullet was not enough to immediately stop the startled and angry 900-pound bear. Turning in agony, the bear sought to escape the way it had entered – through the living room and kitchen. Olsen pursued the thrashing intruder, firing more shots while yelling fiercely for it to leave his home as his terrified wife called for help.

III. Confronting the 1999 Kodiak Bear

With a nearly 1000-pound aggressive Kodiak bear just feet away, Aaron Olsen had to make a split-second life-or-death decision. He knew he needed to stop the bear from approaching his terrified wife and sleeping children, but also had to be careful not to hit them with a stray bullet. Taking quick aim around the corner, Olsen fired off a shot from his .45 revolver into the bear’s shoulder.

The bullet injured the bear but did not immediately take it down. Turning in pain and fury, the giant Kodiak scrambled to escape the way it had entered – back through the living room and kitchen. Olsen continued firing as he pursued the wounded bear, squeezing off two more rounds from his underpowered handgun. All the while, he shouted intensely for the intruder to get out, unleashing every logger and fisherman curse word in his vocabulary.

With its exit path cut off, the bear ended up trapped in the home’s arctic entry – a small mudroom lined with shelves and pantries. Badly bleeding and thrashing around in pain, the cornered Kodiak was still an imminent threat to Olsen and his family. While his panicked wife called 911, Olsen kept a close watch on the pantry door, ready to fire his revolver’s last round if needed.

With the bear contained for the moment, Olsen focused on getting his children out of harm’s way. His eldest son and father, roused by the commotion, managed to evacuate the youngsters through bedroom windows. Finally assured of his family’s safety, Olsen guarded the trapped and increasingly feeble bear until back-up arrived, remaining alert in case it made a last desperate attempt at escape.

The shocking home invasion and intense standoff pushed Olsen to his limits. But ultimately his quick reflexes and steady nerve under pressure prevailed, protecting his loved ones from the rampaging beast.

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