Kendrick Lamar Element Leak Takes Shots At Big Sean, Jay Electronica

Welcome to, where we dive deep into the latest buzz in the world of hip-hop. In a sensational turn of events,”Kendrick Lamar Element Leak Takes Shots At Big Sean, Jay Electronica” has set the music industry abuzz with the unexpected leak of his “OG” version of the track “ELEMENT” This unreleased rendition doesn’t hold back, as Kendrick Lamar unapologetically targets fellow artists, including Big Sean and Jay Electronica. The leaked lyrics have ignited debates, rekindling past rivalries and spotlighting Lamar’s lyrical prowess. Join us as we unravel the intriguing details of this unexpected musical revelation, right here on

Kendrick Lamar Element Leak Takes Shots At Big Sean, Jay Electronica
Kendrick Lamar Element Leak Takes Shots At Big Sean, Jay Electronica

I. Information Kendrick Lamar and his importance in the hip-hop music industry

Kendrick Lamar, born in Compton, California, has solidified his place as one of the most influential and respected figures in the realm of hip-hop. His journey from the gritty streets of Compton to international stardom is a testament to his unmatched talent, thought-provoking lyricism, and unwavering commitment to addressing pressing social issues through his music .

Over the years, Lamar has consistently pushed the boundaries of rap, transcending mere entertainment to become a voice for a generation. His albums, from “good kid, m.A.A.d city” to “To Pimp a Butterfly” and “DAMN,” have not only topped charts but also ignited conversations about race, inequality, and the complexities of modern life. Kendrick Lamar is more than a rapper; he is a storyteller, a poet, and a cultural icon.

In recent news, the hip-hop world has been ablaze with discussions surrounding the leaked “OG” version of his track “ELEMENT.” This unreleased iteration of the song has reignited debates about Lamar’s lyrical prowess and his willingness to confront fellow artists head-on. In “ELEMENT. (OG),” Kendrick Lamar doesn’t pull punches, taking direct shots at some of his peers in the industry, including Jay Electronica, Big Sean, and French Montana. The leaked track has sent shockwaves through the rap community, inviting both praise for his boldness and criticism for his willingness to engage in lyrical sparring.

This article delves into the details of this intriguing development, shedding light on the lyrics of the leaked track, Lamar’s history of rap feuds, and the reactions of those targeted by his words. Additionally, we explore the authenticity of the leaked track and the broader implications it raises regarding the dynamics of competition and rivalry within the hip-hop community. Let’s dive into this captivating episode in Kendrick Lamar’s career, which continues to captivate fans and critics alike.

Information Kendrick Lamar and his importance in the hip-hop music industry
Information Kendrick Lamar and his importance in the hip-hop music industry

II. Content of the Leaked “ELEMENT” Version

The leaked “OG” version of Kendrick Lamar’s “ELEMENT.” is a lyrical bombshell that has left fans and fellow artists abuzz. In this unreleased iteration, Kendrick doesn’t mince words, using his trademark sharp lyricism to take direct aim at some of his fellow musicians. The verses contain pointed critiques of Big Sean, Jay Electronica, and French Montana, sparking intrigue and controversy within the hip-hop community.

In his lyrics, Kendrick Lamar leaves no room for ambiguity, addressing each artist individually. For instance, he takes a swipe at Big Sean with lines like, “Big Sean keep sneak dissin,’ I let it slide/ I think his false confidence got him inspired.” These words suggest that Kendrick perceives Sean’s confidence as unwarranted or insincere, setting the stage for a renewed rivalry between the two artists.

Jay Electronica also finds himself in Kendrick’s lyrical crosshairs. Kendrick raps, “Jay Electronica put silencers on my Grammy night/ Another dead prophet hoping the God’ll give him life.” This not-so-subtle jab hints at a perceived attempt by Jay Electronica to undermine Kendrick’s achievements or overshadow his Grammy success.

Furthermore, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t spare French Montana, referencing a 2016 Breakfast Club interview in which Montana suggested that Kendrick was poised to dominate the Grammys. Kendrick responds to this with the line, “F*ck subliminals, I put you on the roll call/ French Montana speaking on me in interviews/ Very cynical, dry hating something I don’t approve.”

These lyrics illustrate Kendrick’s willingness to confront and address rivalries head-on, a characteristic that has defined his career in the rap industry.

Content of the Leaked "ELEMENT" Version
Content of the Leaked “ELEMENT” Version

III. Video Kendrick Lamar Element Leak Takes Shots At Big Sean, Jay Electronica

IV. Kendrick Lamar’s History and Previous Feuds

Kendrick Lamar’s rise to prominence in the world of rap has been marked by his unapologetic confidence and his readiness to engage in lyrical battles. Hailing from Compton, California, he emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the early 2010s, known for his thought-provoking lyrics and storytelling abilities.

One of the most iconic moments in Kendrick’s career was his 2013 track “Control.” In this song, he called out several fellow rappers, including Big Sean, and claimed the title of “King of New York.” This audacious move sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community, sparking debates and responses from artists nationwide.

Kendrick’s willingness to assert his dominance and challenge his peers in the rap game has been a recurring theme throughout his career. While some feuds have fizzled out over time, the leaked “ELEMENT.” version of his track demonstrates that he hasn’t abandoned this aspect of his artistry. It reflects his longstanding tradition of using his music as a platform for competition and self-expression, all while pushing the boundaries of hip-hop as an art form.

Kendrick Lamar's History and Previous Feuds
Kendrick Lamar’s History and Previous Feuds

V. Responses from Relevant Artists

The leaked “ELEMENT.” version of Kendrick Lamar’s track didn’t go unnoticed by the artists he called out. Here are some of the reactions and responses from Big Sean, Jay Electronica, and French Montana:

  1. Big Sean:
    • Big Sean, who was directly mentioned in the leaked track, took to social media to respond. He posted a cryptic tweet that read, “You can’t sneak-diss a boss,” without directly naming Kendrick Lamar. This tweet was widely interpreted as a response to Kendrick’s lyrics.
  2. Jay Electronica:
    • As of the initial response, Jay Electronica hadn’t made a public statement regarding Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics. Given Jay’s tendency to be reserved in the public eye, it remains uncertain whether he will address the matter directly or respond through his own music.
  3. French Montana:
    • French Montana, who was criticized for his comments about Kendrick Lamar in a 2016 interview, had not made any public responses at the time of the leak. It’s possible that he may choose to address the situation in future interviews or through his own music.
Responses from Relevant Artists
Responses from Relevant Artists

VI. Questions About the Authenticity of the Leaked Track

The authenticity of the leaked “OG” version of “ELEMENT.” has been a subject of debate within the hip-hop community. Some key points of discussion include:

  1. Origin and Source:
    • Questions have arisen regarding the source of the leaked track. It’s essential to determine whether the track was obtained through official channels or if it was leaked by an unauthorized party.
  2. Verification by Kendrick Lamar:
    • One way to ascertain the authenticity of the track would be to hear from Kendrick Lamar himself. An official statement or confirmation from the artist would clarify whether the lyrics are genuine.
  3. Possibility of AI-Generated Content:
    • Given advancements in technology, some speculate whether the leaked lyrics could be the result of artificial intelligence generating content imitating Kendrick Lamar’s style. This possibility raises questions about the authenticity and intent behind the leaked track.

In the absence of concrete information about the track’s origin, it’s crucial to approach it with a degree of skepticism. The hip-hop community, as well as fans and artists involved, will likely continue to discuss and dissect the situation as more details emerge.

VII. Discussion on Issues Related to Competition and Rivalry in the Music Industry

Competition and rivalry in the music industry are not only common but also integral aspects of the music culture. Here are some perspectives and issues related to this phenomenon:

  1. Practical for Artistic Development:
    • Competition and rivalry can propel artistic development by challenging artists to reach their limits. A sense of competition can stimulate creativity and produce outstanding works of art.
  2. Individuality and Artistic Freedom:
    • Expressing oneself in music is a way for artists to showcase self-acceptance and create genuinely personal works. This allows them to convey messages and emotions sincerely.
  3. Acceptance of Dissent and Opposition:
    • Sometimes, competition and rivalry lead to dissent and opposition from others. However, this is part of the diversity in music and allows contrasting viewpoints to coexist.
  4. Creating Ripples in the Music Community:
    • Competition and rivalry can create ripples in the music community, attracting the attention of fans and the media. This can foster artistic development and generate compelling stories.

Perspectives on the Importance of Self-Expression in Music and Its Impact on Artistic Development:

  1. Self-Acceptance and Creative Freedom:
    • Self-expression in music is a means for artists to exhibit self-acceptance and create works with a strong personal touch. This helps them communicate messages and emotions authentically.
  2. Connecting with the Audience:
    • Self-expression can help artists connect better with their audience. Genuine songs that share personal life experiences and emotions often elicit strong emotions and empathy.
  3. Challenging and Opposing:
    • Some artists use music to challenge societal, political, and cultural norms. Self-expression can play a vital role in presenting challenges and effecting change in society.
  4. Degree of Personalization:
    • The extent of self-expression can vary among artists. Some artists choose to keep their personal lives private in their music, while others share a lot about their lives and emotions.

In summary, competition, rivalry, and self-expression are all significant in the music industry, and how each artist approaches them can shape their unique artistic development.

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