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British rugby player Joe Westerman found himself in serious trouble when a video of him performing an obscene act on another person’s wife went viral on social media. It was reported that the video was initially sent to Westerman’s wife before it was leaked online. The video, which was widely circulated on social media, depicted Westerman performing the X-rated act on a woman in a public alleyway. In the aftermath of the video’s release, Westerman was expelled from his home by his wife and was subjected to a heavy fine by his football club, the Castleford Tigers. Westerman had joined Castleford the previous year, having departed from the Wakefield club. Social media users were quick to share Joe Westerman Meme about the incident. Now follow weescape.vn !

What happened to Joe Westerman ?

The devastated wife of rugby league player Joe Westerman revealed on Monday how his s.e.x tape scandal had torn their family apart, stating: “I’ll never be able to get it out of my mind.”

Lauren Westerman, aged 33, expressed how the explicit seven-second video, which was shot in a dim alley behind a branch of Greggs and then uploaded to Twitter, had caused immeasurable harm to her and their children.

The two oldest children, aged nine and 14, have both tearfully endured the trauma of viewing the footage, as malicious classmates on Snapchat took pleasure in sending it to them.

Joe Westerman’s wife issues a statement

The wife of Castleford star Joe Westerman issued a statement to the press, stating that she has not spoken to her husband since the video scandal broke out. She expressed her devastation and concern about the future of their three young children. According to the Daily Mail, she was quoted as saying, “I just wish it had never happened. My poor children!” She also added, “I haven’t really spoken to my husband. I’m taking care of all the children.”

Lauren Westerman, Joe Westerman’s wife, revealed her shock and horror after watching the video that was circulating on the internet. She commented, “There’s nothing I want to say, to be honest. I don’t think anything I say is going to help.” She also confirmed to the media that the woman seen in the leaked video was not her. She made it clear, “Can I make this VERY clear that this is NOT me!!!!!! We have three children, one of whom is almost 15, and she doesn’t need to see things like this all over social media!”

Social media responds to Joe Westerman’s video scandal

“Since the disturbing footage of Joe Westerman first surfaced online yesterday, social media users have quickly shared memes related to the incident. One insult even made its way onto Westerman’s Wikipedia page: ‘He is known to frequent the alleyway next to Greggs Bakery in Pontefract town centre.’ The apparent downfall of the Castleford Tigers star caused some Twitter users to find humor in the situation. ‘No matter how bad your Monday is, at least you’re not Joe Westerman showing up to training today,’ one user quipped. Another lamented, ‘The fact that my own mother sent me a meme about the Joe Westerman situation is the worst thing to come out of this whole ordeal.”

Best Joe Westerman Meme

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