How to know when an Orisha chooses you ?

In the Yoruba religion of West Africa, Orisha (also spelled as Orisa/Orishas) are considered to be deities who are believed to be avatars or emanations of the supreme being known as Olodumare. They are believed to possess extensive supernatural abilities and powers. Orishas are thought to be numerous, and their exact number is subject to different oral traditions. So How to know when an Orisha chooses you ? Follow with !

How to know when an Orisha chooses you ?

How to know when an Orisha chooses you ?

According to the Yoruba religion, when an Orisha chooses you, they are believed to be divine beings sent by Olodumare to assist and instruct humans during their time on Earth.

It is said that most of these avatars and enlightened spirits first existed in the etheric realm – the realm of the spirits (Orun), and that then they came down into human bodies on the Earth as divine beings (Irunmole). When an Orisha chooses you, you may feel a strong connection to them, potentially experiencing recurring dreams or visions of the Orisha.

How to know when an Orisha chooses you ?

Due to the spiritual origin of their spirits (souls), Orishas are believed to have led ordinary human lives but retain their great wisdom and power, thus acting as a sort of spiritual gurus and shamans to the humans. When an Orisha chooses you, you may feel drawn to their wisdom and power, potentially experiencing a profound life change or shift after encountering the Orisha.

Orishas are seen as intermediaries between humans and Olodumare, who is considered beyond human comprehension and the limitations of time and space. When an Orisha chooses you, you may receive guidance or messages from divination practices or from a babalawo or priest of the Orisha religion, helping you to better connect with the divine and understand your spiritual path.

Here are some potential signs that an Orisha may have chosen you in the Yoruba religion:

  • Recurring dreams or visions of the Orisha
  • Feeling a strong attraction or connection to the Orisha
  • Experiencing synchronicities or coincidences related to the Orisha
  • Feeling a calling or urge to learn more about the Orisha
  • Feeling a sense of peace or comfort when in the presence of the Orisha
  • Receiving messages or guidance through divination practices or from a babalawo or priest of the Orisha religion
  • Experiencing a profound life change or shift after encountering the Orisha
  • Feeling drawn to the Orisha’s colors, symbols, or offerings
  • Having a natural affinity for the Orisha’s characteristics or qualities.

It’s important to note that the signs may vary for each individual, and it’s up to the individual to interpret them and decide whether they want to pursue a relationship with the Orisha.

How many orishas are there ?

The Yoruba religion is a traditional African faith that originated in West Africa and has spread to the Americas and the Caribbean through the transatlantic slave trade. It is practiced by millions of people around the world and is known for its rich mythology, intricate rituals, and veneration of Orishas, the Yoruba deities.

How many orishas are there ?

In the Afro-Caribbean syncretic religions such as Santeria and Candomble, the worship of Orishas has been combined with elements of Catholicism and indigenous traditions, resulting in a unique blend of African and Latin American spirituality. The Orisha Oya is one of the many deities worshipped in these religions, where she is known as Oya orisha, the goddess of wind, storms, and transformation.

In addition to Santeria and Candomble, the Yoruba religion has also influenced other faiths such as the Ifa religion, which is practiced by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and is known for its divination practices and complex cosmology. The exact number of Orishas in these different religions and lineages can vary, but they all share a common reverence for the Orishas and their powers.

How do you know if you have oshun energy ?

In the context of African spirituality, the belief in having “Oshun energy” is usually associated with the worship of the Orisha deity Oshun. If you follow the traditions of the Orisha religion and have been initiated into Oshun’s worship, then you may be said to have Oshun energy.

How do you know if you have oshun energy ?

If you’re wondering if an Orisha is calling you, there are various signs that practitioners believe can indicate a call from the divine. These signs can include dreams or visions, repeated encounters with a particular animal or symbol associated with an Orisha, or a sudden and intense attraction to an Orisha’s qualities and characteristics.

For those interested in learning about the Orishas and their powers, there is a rich mythology and tradition surrounding each deity. A list of Orishas and their powers may include Oshun, who is associated with love, beauty, and sensuality; Yemaya, who is associated with motherhood, the ocean, and healing; Shango, who is associated with thunder, fire, and justice; and Elegua, who is associated with the crossroads, trickery, and new beginnings, among many others. Each Orisha has a unique personality and set of attributes, and their worship is often accompanied by specific rituals, songs, and offerings.

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Who is orisha ?

Orisha refers to a group of deities or divine forces worshipped in the traditional Yoruba religion of West Africa and its diaspora in the Americas. In the Yoruba religion, Orisha or African goddesses were born and became the essence of all things through the divine order of the universe. Therefore, they are creative beings, dependent on the Supreme Being. Essentially, African goddesses cannot exist without the Supreme Being, as they depend on, derive power from, and follow the commands of the Supreme Being. Moreover, they are expressions of the characteristics or attributes of the Supreme Being in the Ifa religion and Yoruba religion.

Santeria meaning ?

Santeria is a syncretic religion that combines elements of West African Yoruba religion with Roman Catholicism and indigenous American traditions. The word “Santeria” means “the way of the saints” in Spanish and refers to the way that the religion incorporates the veneration of Catholic saints alongside the worship of Orishas, including Oya orisha, the Yoruba goddess of wind, storms, and transformation.

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