How To Get Someone To Say baby At A Baby Shower Game ?

Don’t say “baby” is a casual and relaxed baby shower game suitable for guests of all ages, with a simple concept of how to get someone to say baby. Upon arrival, guests are provided with a pin or a similar trinket. During the shower, if someone utters the word “baby”, the listener can claim the trinket from them. The person who accumulates the most trinkets at the end of the event emerges as the winner. Follow Now !

How To Get Someone To Say baby At A Baby Shower Game ?

How to get someone to say baby ?

There are several ways you can trick your guests into saying the word “baby” during a baby shower game. These clever techniques will make your guests give up their pins in no time! Some of the best strategies for tricking someone into saying “baby” include:

How to get someone to say baby ?
How to get someone to say baby ?
  • Asking, “What is this?” while pointing to a baby.
  • Playing Justin Bieber’s song, “Baby” and observing who sings along.
  • Posing the question, “What does B-A-B-Y spell?”
  • Handing out printouts of “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” and asking others to read it out loud.
  • Asking, “What’s that famous Britney Spears song?” to try to get someone to say “Baby One More Time.” Inquiring, “What kind of shower is this?” to get someone to say “baby shower.”
  • Asking, “Who is this for?” while pointing to the crib. Playing the song “Baby Shark” and encouraging others to sing along.
  • Acting out charades and pretending to cradle a baby in your arms. Inquiring, “What’s another word for an infant?”
  • Playing “Finish the phrase” using “hasta la vista ____”.

There are several strategies you can use to trick your guests into saying the “b” word (by that, we mean baby, of course). These clever tricks will make your guests give up their pins in no time! One way to do this is by playing a guessing game by bringing out items commonly used for a baby and see if someone says “baby” when trying to guess what the items are used for. Another way is by simply asking someone about their own experiences with babies or asking about the expectant parents’ plans for the baby. How to trick someone into saying baby can be as simple as being creative and having fun with it!

Don’t say baby game rules ?

The Don’t Say “Baby” game is one of our all-time favorites and a great way to learn how to make someone say “baby”. As the name suggests, the objective is to avoid saying the word “baby” throughout the baby shower. Although it may seem simple, it can be surprisingly challenging to refrain from using the word at a baby shower. Here is a brief guide on how to play and succeed in this entertaining party game.

Don't say baby game rules ?

  • Before the shower, purchase safety pins for all your guests, ensuring that each person has at least one pin when they arrive.
  • Each guest takes a pin and attaches it to their attire.
  • Whenever someone hears a guest say “baby”, they can claim their pin.
  • The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower is declared the winner.

How to Win the Don’t Say “Baby” Game

Pay Attention in Conversations While Implementing Strategies on How to Get People to Say Baby

Although the task of avoiding “baby” may only last for a limited time, remain vigilant while interacting with other guests. They too are competing and may have some tactics to tempt you into uttering the word. (We have included one of our own strategies later in this section on how to get people to say “baby”!) Keep your composure and have confidence in your ability to succeed.

Maintain Engaging Discussions with the Purpose of Making Someone Say “Baby” at a Baby Shower

Be creative while speaking with guests – maintain engaging discussions without saying the word “baby”. Ask about their preferred movies, music, TV shows, etc. To add some fun and with the intention of making someone say “baby” at the baby shower, inquire if they can recognize a song that’s been stuck in your head and hum a few notes for them… just make sure the song contains the word “baby”. Express your excitement about the impending arrival of the baby through conversations. Show your enthusiasm for cute baby clothes, nursery decor, and all the other delightful items that come with a newborn. With a bit of clever strategy, your fellow guests will end up saying “baby” before they even realize it!

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