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How to bold text in Notepad++ and make text bold in Notepad++ ?

You are using Notepad++ and are very satisfied with the features this software provides. However, there are some Notepad++ functions that you do not know how to use, such as “How to bold text in Notepad++?” Please refer to the article below on for more information!

How to bold text in Notepad++ and make text bold in Notepad++ ?

Can you make text bold in Notepad++?

In professional text editing software like Word and WordPad, you can perform actions such as make text bold and italicizing text. These tools also have many other formatting options, such as changing font size.

In Notepad++, which is a simple text editing program, there are no formatting options available. However, Notepad++ is still very useful in other situations. So, to answer the question “Can you make text bold in Notepad++?“, the answer is “No.”

How to bold text in Notepad++ ?

If you have set the Language to HTML in Notepad++, your text may appear bold due to your style settings. You can change this setting by going to Settings > Style Configurator > Language: HTML > Style: DEFAULT, which has the Bold font style selected by default. Alternatively, you can choose a language of Normal Text instead of an empty User Defined Language to avoid any styling. However, since you intentionally chose the HTML language, it is assumed that you wanted to apply styling to help with the editing of the HTML. In my opinion, changing the style settings is a better solution than selecting a user-defined language with no styling defined.

How to bold text in Notepad++ ?

Here is a guide for those who are stubborn and believe that Notepad++ can make text bold :

Yes, just add:

[b]Bold[/b], and it'll be bold text 
[I]Italics[/i], and it'll be italicized

Like this:

  • Bold
  • Italics

You can also make bold italics by doing this:

[b][i]Bold italics[/b][/i]

Like this:

  • Bold italics

Commands in Notepad++ Basic

Save Ctrl + S
Save as a copy Ctrl + Alt + S
Close tab Ctrl + W
In Ctrl + P
Exit the app Alt + F4
Function Shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Undo previous change Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Erase Of the
Select all Ctrl + A
Increase line spacing Tab
Reduce line spacing Shift + Tab
Convert from lowercase to uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U
Convert from uppercase to lowercase Ctrl + U
Double current line Ctrl + D
Split line Ctrl + I
Combine lines Ctrl + J
Move current line up Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move current line down Ctrl + Shift + Down
Insert current blank line on top Ctrl + Alt + Enter
Insert current blank line below Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Enter
Edit column Alt + C
Function Shortcut keys
Search Ctrl + F
Search in files Ctrl + Shift + F
Search more F3
Searching for previous files Shift + F3
Select and continue searching Ctrl + F3
Select and search previous files Ctrl + Shift + F3
Replace Ctrl + H
Advanced search Ctrl + Alt + I
Go to…line Ctrl + G

Video How to bold text in Notepad++ ?

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