Father and son killed in brooklyn Video

Gunshots rang out in a Brooklyn apartment building, leaving behind shocked neighbors, a grieving family, and a chilling question: How could a petty noise dispute turn deadly so fast? The troubling surveillance video tells the grim story – a downstairs tenant angrily confronting his upstairs neighbors before pulling a gun and executing a father and son in cold blood. Just like that, 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and 27-year-old Chinwai Mode lost their lives over nothing but everyday living sounds. Now their family is shattered, their community outraged, and their city searching its soul. This Father and son killed in brooklyn Video senseless tragedy highlights the hair-trigger stakes when guns enable petty grievances to become capital crimes. If even noise complaints can end in murder, we must ask ourselves: Who else will be caught in the crosshairs before we change course?

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Father and son killed in brooklyn Video
Father and son killed in brooklyn Video

I. What happend to Tragic Shooting in Brooklyn ?

  • The incident occurred in Brooklyn, New York and resulted in the deaths of a father and son.
  • Surveillance video captured the deadly altercation between the victims and a downstairs neighbor.
  • The shooting was sparked by ongoing noise complaints and disputes between the neighbors.
  • The victims were 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son, Chinwai Mode.
  • The neighbors had a history of noise complaints called in to 311 by the downstairs neighbor regarding normal living sounds like footsteps.
  • On the night of the shooting, the downstairs neighbor confronted the family about noise before the father confronted him while holding scissors.
  • The neighbor then pulled out a gun and shot the father and son multiple times, even as they tried to retreat.
  • The graphic video shows the cold-blooded killing of the father and son over a petty dispute about minor noise complaints.
  • The incident highlights issues around gun violence, noise complaints between neighbors, and conflict resolution.

II. Background on Father and Son Killed in Brooklyn Video

The victims in this tragic shooting were 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son, Chinwai Mode. The two lived together in an apartment in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, residing there with other family members. Mathurin worked as a dedicated school bus driver and was a loving father of four children total. His son Chinwai was the youngest of his kids, and they shared a close bond as Chinwai worked to build his own life and career to support the family.

By all accounts, Mathurin was a devoted family man who immigrated from Haiti and built a life caring for his children. Chinwai followed in his father’s footsteps of determination and kinship. Their family members describe them as inseparable, with Mathurin’s beaming smile matching his son’s. Chinwai had his father’s strength of character and commitment to his family’s well-being.

The two had recently downsized from a larger apartment to the smaller Brooklyn unit in an effort to reduce housing costs. This meant adjusting to having more family members packed into tighter quarters. It also positioned them living directly above another tenant, rather than side-by-side. The thin floors and walls of the aging apartment building meant normal noises from walking, talking, or children playing reverberated to the apartment below them.

While this could cause annoyances, the family maintained they tried to be considerate and not make excessive noise. Some level of everyday living sounds are inevitable in multi-family buildings, especially with multiple children. The family reported feeling helpless to prevent normal life activities like footsteps or doors shutting. Their only goal was providing a loving home for their kids, not disturbing others.

Tragically, these reasonable efforts could not placate the rage growing in the heart of their downstairs neighbor. The petty noise complaints masked a darker hatred that would ultimately consume two innocent lives and devastate a family.

III. Details of Noise Dispute Seen in Brooklyn Video

The deadly confrontation captured in the chilling surveillance footage was preceded by a lengthy ongoing dispute centered around noise complaints. According to police records, the downstairs neighbor had called in at least six separate noise complaints to 311 over the past year regarding the family’s apartment.

The calls described typical, mundane neighbor noises like footsteps, children playing, doors shutting or televisions on. These are all normal sounds that unfortunately carry through walls and floors in an old, poorly insulated apartment building. But to the downstairs resident, the noise was unbearable.

With the apartments situated directly above and below each other, the thin floors and lack of carpeting caused even light walking to reverberate below. The family acknowledged that some noise transfer was unavoidable given the building’s older construction. They denied making excessive noise themselves, stating they kept music and voices low especially late at night when children were asleep.

Some level of everyday living noise is expected in crowded city apartments. Yet clearly the downstairs resident felt provoked to rage by the noises, however benign. His extreme response reveals an irrational hatred that spiraled out of control.

In hindsight, it’s doubtful whether any practical soundproofing efforts would have satisfied his temper. His campaign of noise complaintsmasked a deeper disturbance, the depths of which weren’t fully realized until he committed murder over minor grievances.

Could his unchecked anger have been mitigated earlier with counseling, mediation or mental health treatment? If so, two lives may have been spared. The question remains as authorities continue investigating what societal failures enabled such a petty dispute to turn so violent.

IV. Confrontation and Shooting Captured in Brooklyn Video

The tensions between the feuding neighbors reached a tragic breaking point on the night of the deadly shooting. Surveillance camera footage captured the horrific incident as it unfolded in the apartment hallway.

The video shows the downstairs neighbor angrily confronting the family about noise before the father, Bladimy Mathurin, exits his apartment holding scissors. Mathurin’s wife and son Chinwai Mode attempt to defuse the volatile situation, pulling him back from the confrontation.

But the dispute quickly escalates out of control when the irate neighbor brandishes a handgun. Tragically, he opens fire on the retreating father and son, shooting them multiple times at close range even as they try to flee.

The graphic video is deeply disturbing, providing chilling evidence of a cold-blooded execution. The neighbor continues firing round after round into the helpless victims, killing them over a minor noise complaint. The brazen public violence over such a trivial matter is shocking on every level.

The horrifying footage vividly captures the climactic moment this simmering dispute boiled over into slaughter. Justice demands accounting for the unjustifiable actions that snatched two lives and left a family forever shattered.

V. Aftermath of Shooting Shown in Brooklyn Video

The chilling surveillance footage shows the suspect flee the scene shortly after ruthlessly gunning down the father and son. He descends calmly in the elevator, leaving behind the gruesome aftermath.

In the video, the victims can be seen gasping their final breaths in pools of blood as the life drains from their bodies. When first responders arrived, Mathurin and his son Chinwai were pronounced dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

The senseless killings devastated the family members who loved them. Interviews with relatives after the shooting show sheer anguish and disbelief that their loved ones were stolen over a petty dispute. Their grief quickly turned to outrage and demands for justice.

Beyond the family, the entire neighborhood community was shaken by the tragedy. Residents expressed feeling unsafe knowing such violence could unfold between neighbors right in their own building.

The apartment complex was put on lockdown as police secured the area to investigate. For hours, residents were questioned and unable to leave while authorities gathered evidence. The disruption added communal trauma on top of the grief.

In the aftermath, local leaders organized prayer vigils and community discussions to process the violence. The deaths underscored the need for better resources to mediate conflicts and prevent escalations.

The slayings also renewed calls for sensible gun regulations. How the alleged killer acquired a firearm despite prior criminal history raised concerns. And the video highlighted the speed at which guns enable heated fights to turn fatal.

While the family continues mourning their profound losses, authorities continue searching for answers. What combination of mental illness, anger issues, and lack of impulse control caused this petty grievance to end lives? And how can society prevent such needless violence in the future?

The chilling footage will remain etched in public memory as a harrowing reminder of the ripped apart families and communities left behind by senseless brutality. While justice is still owed, the legacy of this grief must galvanize efforts to heal humanity’s divides.

VI. Investigation into Brooklyn Video Shooting

Police promptly launched an intensive investigation analyzing surveillance footage and forensic evidence from the crime scene. Ballistics analysis of the nine shell casings matched a .45 caliber handgun recovered near the apartment.

Using the video, investigators were able to identify the alleged shooter as 47-year-old Jason Pass, who lived in the apartment below the victims. Police records indicated Pass had one prior arrest years ago but no known violent history.

Yet for unknown reasons, this seemingly trivial dispute provoked Pass into a murderous rage. The video evidence clearly captures him shooting both victims multiple times, even after they attempted to flee.

Pass reportedly claimed he acted in self-defense, but the footage definitively disproves this. It shows a cold-blooded execution, not self-defense.

Armed with identifying video and ballistics evidence, the NYPD swiftly launched a massive manhunt to apprehend Pass before he could potentially harm more innocent lives. Finding what combination of circumstances caused Pass to snap with such cruelty remains less clear.

But authorities persist in piecing together the puzzle of societal failings and mental health gaps that allowed petty grievances to escalate into slaughter. Justice further demands a full reckoning for such a senseless loss of life.

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