Alex bodger Vancouver Video Original ? Who is Alex bodger Vancouver ?

The internet has been abuzz with discussions and debates over the actions of a certain Alex Bodger, a TikTok user who filmed and posted a video of a Canadian man being fatally stabbed in Vancouver. The video shows the victim, Paul Stanley Schmidt, lying in a pool of blood, while Bodger can be seen smiling and taking a selfie next to the body. The incident has sparked outrage and raised ethical concerns about the practice of filming and sharing traumatic events. But who is Alex Bodger and why did he act in such a callous manner? Let’s take a closer look at the story behind the infamous “Alex Bodger Vancouver Video.” Following weescape.vn !

I. Alex bodger Vancouver Video ?

Alex bodger Vancouver Video ?, who goes by the username Gora Pakora on TikTok, is facing severe backlash after he recorded and posted a video of a Canadian father, Paul Stanley Schmidt, being fatally stabbed in front of his daughter and fiancée at a Starbucks in Vancouver. According to reports, the incident occurred when Schmidt asked his alleged attacker not to vape in front of his 3-year-old daughter.

In the video, Bodger can be seen filming the horrifying scene and allegedly smiling and taking a selfie next to the victim’s body. He can be heard making inappropriate comments like “This motherf— just died, bro. He just died, bro, holy f—!” The disturbing footage has drawn widespread criticism, with many accusing Bodger of capitalizing on a ghastly crime.

Bodger’s actions have been heavily condemned, and he is facing significant backlash on social media platforms. The incident has also sparked a broader discussion about the ethics of recording and posting videos of traumatic events.

II. What happend to Alex bodger Vancouver in Video ?

Alex Bodger, a Canadian TikToker who goes by Gora Pakora on TikTok, filmed and posted a video of a man being fatally stabbed outside a Vancouver Starbucks on Sunday. The victim was identified as Paul Stanley Schmidt, 37, who had asked his alleged attacker not to vape near his young daughter. Bodger can be seen in the video, with a smirk on his face, filming the incident and taking a selfie next to the victim’s body. He can be heard making inappropriate comments like “This motherf— just died, bro. He just died, bro, holy f—.”

Bodger faced heavy backlash for his insensitive actions, with many people condemning him for filming the traumatic event and posting it online. He later released a video explaining his actions, saying he thought it was a street fight and he had to “run down there and start videotaping.” Bodger’s actions have sparked a broader discussion about the ethics of filming and posting videos of traumatic events. The incident has also raised concerns about the impact of social media on our society.

III. Who is Alex bodger Vancouver ?

Alex Bodger is an eyewitness to the stabbing incident that took place outside a Vancouver Starbucks on Sunday, resulting in the death of Paul Stanley Schmidt, a 37-year-old Canadian man. Bodger provided a statement to the media describing the incident as traumatizing to see and hear. He reported that the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Inderdeep Singh Gosal, went back into the Starbucks shop after the stabbing, and he could hear people screaming. Bodger’s account is part of the ongoing investigation as the police try to determine a motive for the killing. The incident has generated widespread media coverage and social media attention, with police urging people not to share graphic videos circulating online.

IV. TikToker Explains Why He Was Smiling Next To Body Of Canadian Dad

The TikTok aficionado, Alex Bodger, who dabbled in the unspeakable act of filming the mortifying and savage stabbing of Paul Schmidt outside the hallowed grounds of a Vancouver Starbucks, has stepped forward to address the backlash stemming from his lackadaisical and almost inconsequential demeanor whilst filming next to the corpse of the deceased. In an exclusive interview with Global News, the aforementioned Bodger explicated that his state of mind was plagued with unease and uncertainty, consequently evoking an idiosyncratic response of a smile adorning his countenance.

He further exacerbated the situation by adding contentious remarks regarding the essence and sanctity of human existence, postulating that the worth of life is meaningless if the individual is an unknown entity. In a parallel narrative, a crowdfunding campaign, initiated for the benefit of Schmidt’s surviving family, has amassed a staggering $135,000 in donations, underscoring the human capacity for compassion and empathy. The poignant and unfortunate incident has sparked a series of conversations concerning the ethical implications of filming and publicizing traumatizing events, prompting the law enforcement officials to urge potential witnesses to come forward and aid in the elucidation of a plausible motive for the heinous crime.

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