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1942 Genesee Hotel Video The Story Behind The Suicide

The article “1942 Genesee Hotel Video The Story Behind The Suicide” by will introduce a shocking event at the Genesee Hotel in Buffalo, New York in 1942. The photo captures the suicide of a woman. Women on the 8th floor of the hotel have attracted public attention and are used in many psychological studies of human perception. Along with that, we will learn more about the information and story behind this unfortunate incident.

1942 Genesee Hotel Video The Story Behind The Suicide
1942 Genesee Hotel Video The Story Behind The Suicide

I. About the event

In 1942, a remarkable event occurred at the Genesee Hotel in Buffalo, New York. This incident involved the tragic death of a woman on the 8th floor of the hotel.

According to reports, on May 7, 1942, Buffalo Courier Express photographer I. Russel Sorgi was on his way back to the office from a mission when he witnessed a horrifying scene. As he was driving on an unusual road, he was overtaken by a police car as they arrived at the Genesee Hotel at 530 Main Street. At that time, he saw a woman “sitting on a ledge outside an eighth-floor window” of the hotel.

Sorgi quickly grabbed his camera and snapped two pictures of the woman. These photos later became the property of the entire community as they witnessed the unfortunate incident take place.

This incident quickly attracted the attention of the public. According to the New York Times, after the incident, Sorgi’s photo was featured on the front page of the newspaper and published in various major magazines such as LIFE. Many people were shocked and affected by this incident.

However, to this day, the incident remains one of the most mysterious and controversial in Buffalo’s history. Despite many attempts to explain this incident, until now, there has not been a satisfactory explanation for this woman’s tragic death.

About the event
About the event

II. Details of suicides

After seeing the woman sitting on the ledge outside an eighth-floor window, I. Russel Sorgi took two pictures of her. However, he later witnessed the horror when the woman plunged into the street and died.

After the police arrived and investigated, they found a room registration form of a woman named “M. Miller” at the Genesee Hotel. However, when they did investigate, they could not find any information about the woman, including a Chicago address she was registered with.

After performing additional investigations, police determined that “M. Miller” was actually Mary Miller – a woman who lived in Buffalo and had never been married. Her sister reported that Mary had told her she was going to Indiana to visit relatives before booking a room at the Genesee Hotel.

After entering the room, Mary Miller entered the women’s restroom and locked the door. She had stepped out of the eighth floor window and jumped to the ground. No notes or any explanation were found in her room, making the incident fraught with mystery and confusion.

However, there is another notable detail regarding this incident. While the woman was sitting on the ledge outside the window, police were called in and a female officer tried to approach her. However, before the policewoman could reach Mary, she jumped and died.

Mary Miller’s suicide caused great attention and heartbreak to the local community, as well as to viewers across the country, as her photograph was featured on the front pages of many newspapers and magazines.

Details of suicides
Details of suicides

III. Full 1942 Genesee hotel video

IV. Famous photo

This famous photograph is often referred to as “The Despondent Divorcee”, but more accurately called “The Genesee Hotel Suicide”. It has been featured in major newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times and LIFE magazine, attracting widespread public attention and is considered one of the most famous photographs of suicide in history.

The photo shows the woman sitting on the ledge outside an eighth-floor window and then plummeting to the ground while jumping from that height. It also captured a female police officer trying to reach a woman before she jumped down. The “Wait Until Hitler In Pain” billboard on the cafe window below is also captured in the photo.

This image was used in a psychological study to examine human perception. The results showed that 96% of the study participants did not realize that there was a dead woman in the photo when they first viewed the photo. This suggests that the human ability to filter information and perceive the presence of an object can be influenced by many different factors.

Famous photo
Famous photo

V. Genesee hotel today

Currently, the Genesee hotel building in Buffalo has ceased to function as a hotel. After its closure in 1978, the building was used for a variety of purposes, including offices for companies and organizations, as well as housing for students and tenants.

After a process of investment and renovation, the Genesee building was restored and re-operated as a luxury apartment building, named The Apartments at the Hotel Lafayette. It consists of fully furnished apartments with unique classical design and many modern amenities. The building was put back into use in 2012 and is rated as one of the most beautiful resorts in Buffalo.

Genesee hotel today
Genesee hotel today
Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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